PELIKAN - International Game Development Education

PELIKAN - International Game Development Education -project started January 2023.

The aim of the project:

Producing high quality and high value BBA and MBA courses in English for the games industry. 

KAMK's games education will be developed in cooperation with companies, students and partner schools. This cooperation will help to ensure that the training is produced to meet the needs of the industry. Providing games education in English will broaden the potential applicant pool worldwide.

Duration of project: 1/2023 - 12/2025


Game Development Education in Finland

The table below summarizes the game development education available in Finland. If you would like to update your institution's training offer, please send the updated information to

Find the table here: Game Development Education in Finland.xlsx

Report: Game-Related Studies in Finland.pdf


Guidance for guest lecturers

Do you have expertise in game development? Would you be willing to share your knowledge with KAMK students?

KAMK is looking for visiting lecturers in topics like:

  • Game programming
  • Game graphics / art
  • Game producing
  • Game leadership and management

Visiting lectures can be anything between one 45min lecture up to one-week intensive course on certain topics!

If your knowledge and skills match with our curriculums, or you have some complementary topic to share, feel free to contact us and suggest your topic.

You can register for the visiting lecturer list here! 

» Bachelor's Degree in Game Development
» Master's Degree in Game Business Management


You are most welcome to share your knowledge pro-bono, without payment. We are happy to accept company presentations and job descriptions as part of our students' career guidance. You can also promote jobs and internships in your company. 

Hourly compensation for visiting lecturers (2023) for short, separate lectures

The lecture fees paid to external lecturers are determined according to the level of education/ expertise of the lecturer (KAMK Ltd.'s Broad of Directors 23.4.2014):

  • Doctorate, Licentiate or other specialist 90 €/h
  • Master's degree 70 €/h
  • Bachelor's degree 60 €/h
  • Post-secondary education 50 €/h
  • School degree, upper secondary education 35 €/h

Part-time teaching position

Intensive weeks and whole course teaching can mean a part-time teaching position or in some cases we also accept offers from companies. Ask more about the conditions if you are interested in this option!
Kajaani University of Applied Sciences applies the Employment Contracts Act (55/2001) and Private-education sector-TES-2022 2024


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Newsletter February 2024

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