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Data Protection and Processing of Personal Data at KAMK

Data protection means protecting the privacy of natural persons in the processing of personal data. Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

KAMK´s Data Protection Policy covers all activities involving personal data processing at KAMK. It describes the basic principles, liabilities and significance of personal data processing at KAMK.  All personal data processing activities must comply with the provisions of the General Data Processing Regulation, the law and data protection policy. The policy is based on the principle of transparency and openness towards the data subject. Data subject means the person whose personal data is processed.

What are the responsibilities in the processing of personal data?

The University of Applied Sciences is responsible for, among other things 
- process only personal data that is necessary for the purpose
- take adequate measures to ensure data protection
- take data protection requirements into account already in the design phase of services, policies and systems
- take care of the data subject's rights

What rights does the data subject have?
Among other things, the data subject has the right to

- request information on whether his or her data will be processed and what data will be processed (right of inspection)
- obtain information in a transparent, easily understandable and accessible form
- demand the rectification of the personal data
- request the deletion of  the personal data (right to be forgotten)
- object to the processing of the personal data in certain situations
The data subject's right of access to his/her data
The data subject has the right to receive confirmation from the controller whether he or she processes personal data concerning him or her.

The request for verification is requested primarily on the Request for Verification of Personal Data Form.
Reporting privacy and security breaches

If you notice or suspect the misuse of personal data, network, services or IDs for which KAMK is responsible, you can submit a report using the Observation Form.

What is a privacy or security breach?

A data protection or data security breach is an intentional or unintentional event or condition, as a result of which the integrity, confidentiality or usability of the information and services for which KAMK is responsible has been or may be compromised.

Deviations can be disruptions caused by hacking, malware, unexpected downtime, or unauthorized changes to WWW pages.

Careless handling of data can also cause anomalies, in which case, for example, confidential material may be forgotten or made publicly available.

Data Protection Officer
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