Journey from India to.. to.. to.. Finland

My name is Dhruv Dinesh Anand. I’m a product owner at Telia and studied Electrical & Electronics engineering in Bachelors from India. I started to work in the Telecom industry in 2011 with Ericsson in India.

From India I moved to Africa with Ericsson where I spent almost 3 years mostly working in Uganda, Rwanda and Ghana. In late 2016, I moved to Budapest, Hungary with Ericsson where I worked for almost 2 years before moving to Finland.

In Oct’ 2018, I moved to Finland with Ericsson where I worked for almost 3,5 years and in Feb’ 2022 I joined Telia.

How the journey has been?

I have been extremely lucky to get nice opportunities to travel and live in some beautiful countries at a young age. Living & working in different continents & environments changed me as a person and made me look at life in different ways. In this journey one important quality I developed is “adaptability”.

How did I come to KAMK?

I wanted to study MBA in International Business for many years and due to constantly changing countries I couldn’t decide where do it from. The decision of not moving out of Finland made me realize I’ve NO reason to delay my plans to get to back to studies. With a full-time job I wanted to study from a university which offered flexible and remote education. While doing my research of universities and MBA programs in Finland, I got to know about KAMK and within no time I made my mind that this is where I’ll study MBA from. After completing the first year, I can say it has been a great decision as I’m very satisfied with the mode of education, structure of program and quality of education.

Best part of my work?

My work gives me the opportunity to meet new people almost every day, virtually though. Meeting new people and learning new things from them is something which I’ve always enjoy and this opportunity at work makes me like it more. Besides that with my work in the Telecom industry I get to see how our work improves the life of people in different countries and that gives me immense happiness.