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Offers for students:

  • Information about working life
  • Guidance on job search & career planning
  • Training and coaching
  • Recruitment events and other cooperation and meeting places with working life

KAMK uses the Tiitus career service platform to inform students about suitable job, internship, thesis and project opportunities.

The employers can publish job and internship vacancies, thesis and project topics suitable for students in the Tiitus KAMK kaura domain. The companies can also use the Haavi -feature to search for new talent without publishing an advertisement. All vacancies posted by employers will be visible on the KAMK kaura job market and KAMK's partner companies can be found under the Companies tab.

Students & KAMK alumni can create their own jobseeker profile in Tiitus, which allows them to receive job offers that match their profile and to search for job, internship, thesis and project opportunities that interest them.

Under the Projects tab, you can publish new project initiatives and search for collaborators and partners.

The Tiitus app provides a platform for the entire recruitment process. Tiitus is the platform for both the application for a job and communication between the employer and the applicant.

For more information and tips on using the Tiitus Service, see the Tiitus Wiki (FAQ).

Tiitus service is free of charge for students, alumni and companies!

Training recordings:

Tiitus career service training for students
The training covers how to create a student profile in the Tiitus career service and how to apply for work, internship, thesis and project opportunities in the service.

Mon 17.1.2022 Watch the Tiitus introduction recording

For more information and tips on using the Tiitus service, see the Tiitus wiki.
Tiitus career service training for companies

in Finnish only!
The training will cover how to create a company profile for Tiitus and how to post job, internship, thesis and project opportunities suitable for students on the service.

Wed 12.1.2022 Watch the training recording

CV Workshop
The CV workshop will give you tips on how to make your CV stand out from the crowd and how to write your skills so that the message gets across to the employer. The in this workshop is Miisa Kuoppa from Accountor.

Thu 24.2.2022  Watch the recording
LinkedIn Workshop
The LinkedIn workshop goes through the basics: how to create a profile, how to network and how to create a CV from a profile. The trainer in this workshop is Miisa Kuoppa from Accountor.

Thu 24.2.2022 Watch the recording

Tips for job search and career planning

Where to look for a job?

Tiitus & KAMK kaura Job Market

Download the Tiitus app on your phone, join the KAMK domain and create your own profile to access job, internship, project and thesis opportunities for students posted by companies. You can also find all published vacancies on the KAMK kaura job market. Make sure you build a good and comprehensive profile, as employers also have the opportunity to search for the talent they are interested in through the Haavi function!


Social and health care internships are published and booked on Jobiili.


TE services open vacancies can be found on the kaura service and on the TE Services own website


Municipal and public sector jobs can be found on the municipal recruitment service.

Games Jobs Finland

For job vacancies in the games sector, check out Games Jobs Finland.

Hidden jobs and networking

Don't forget the hidden jobs!

You can also approach interesting companies and organisations directly with an open application or by networking with people in your field, for example via LinkedIn.

Today, only a quarter of people find a job by responding to a job advertisement and most jobs found are 'hidden jobs'.  Networking is a good way to find hidden jobs. Professional networking should start during your studies. Good networking channels include fairs, seminars, networking nights and social media platforms such as Linkedin.

Quality beats quantity - you'll get the most out of making quality contacts for your career. While you are seeking help for your own employment through networks, be prepared to help others: share information and introduce people to each other.

Visit KAMK

In autumn, KAMK organises the Visit KAMK event, which is a combination of Kajaani UAS open doors, educational presentations and career and recruitment fairs. The Career and Recruitment Fair is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with employers in the region, and to get tips to support your own career planning and employment. Come along, feel free to contact the employers and ask them about the things you want to know! 

For a job or internship abroad?

Internship or part of your studies abroad?

You can gain international experience by doing an internship or part of your studies abroad!
Read more on the Internationality intranet page.


A job abroad?

Find out more about job opportunities abroad on the EURES Finland website and search and apply for jobs on the EURES portal.

Career guidance


Read tips on job search, employment contract, labour law, etc. on the Työelämään.fi website.


The Momentum project provides high-quality and diverse career services free of charge to graduates in Northern Finland. Read more and join the coaching sessions at: momentumweb.fi/en

Fair play at work

To provide more information and counselling, SAK has launched a new service package called Fair Play at Work that seeks to address the particular needs of working migrants and young adults directly. The free of charge SAK employee rights hotline advises you with questions or problems concerning your employment.

Career planning

Career planning starts with you and your aspirations for the future. Career planning is a conscious and goal-oriented activity and is a process that lasts throughout your studies and working life. What is important in career planning is your attitude.

A good self-awareness is the starting point when looking for a job. Self-awareness is knowing, evaluating and describing yourself realistically. It is important to know what skills you have and what skills you can offer employers. In addition to self-awareness, you need to know the labour market and the employment situation in your field, what opportunities and options are available to you. Research, think, reflect, plan and draw up a specific steps on how you will implement the plan and reach your goal.

Read more about career planning on the Aarresaari website.

You can also check out the opportunities related to your education at töissä.fi!

Get a good start in your career planning through the KAMK kaura career service. Download the Tiitus app on your phone, join the KAMK kaura domain and start creating your own profile right from the beginning of your studies!


Starting a business is another option for employment. You can also start a business as a side activity (light entrepreneurship), for example while studying. There are ready-made services for light entrepreneurs that make invoicing and tax matters easy.

You can get help and support to start a business through the KAMK Business Accelerator.

Also check out the Codes for Women Entrepreneurship and Ideas for Business projects.

Alumni career stories

The career stories of KAMK alumni can help you identify your own career opportunities.

Check out the career stories written by KAMK alumni on the alumni website and feel free to ask KAMK alumni and representatives of working life for tips on employment and career planning!

After graduation, get involved in alumni activities and help new students with their studies, career planning and networking!

Trade unions

Trade unions offer their members help and support in work-related issues and conflicts. The trade union knows the content of the collective agreement in its sector.

Trade unions offers its members, among other things, wage negotiation, legal assistance, as well as unemployment protection. Membership can also include a range of membership benefits, from leisure time to insurance benefits, training and networking opportunities.

You can often join the trade union while you are still studying. For students, membership is usually cheaper or completely free. Student membership benefits may differ from those of working members. 


Read more about the trade unions in your sector:

Akava Special Branches
Business, tourism, social sector & sports

Game Makers of Finland
Game industry

Trade Union Pro
Financial, industrial and service sectors, ICT- and communication sectors

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland
Engineering students, technology sector

Trade Union Jyty
Public, private and third sector employees, health services

The Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL
Employees of the state, municipalities, local authorities, third sector, non-profit organisations and the public sector

Private service sector

The Finnish Union of Practical Nurses - SuPer
Social and health care sector

Talentia Union of Professional Social Workers
Social work, social welfare and early childhood education professionals

Social and health care sector

Union of Private Sector Professionals ERTO
Experts and professionals in private sector, marketing, communications, digital media, finance, IT, sports, culture and leisure sectors

Tradenomi Union
Professionals of business and technology


Salaries are usually determined by the collective agreement and the complexity of the work. The company's reward policy can also influence salaries.

The minimum wage and other minimum conditions of employment are set by the collective agreement. The employer and the employee can negotiate a better wage and benefits than the collective agreement. 

Rights and obligations in working life

Under Finnish employment law, workers have the right to be treated as equal members of the work community and to be paid for their work according to the collective agreement. Workers also have the right to receive high-quality and adequate orientation for their work. 

Employee's duty is to carry out the tasks specified in the employment contract with due care and attention, in accordance with the instructions of the supervisor. 

Job application, CV

Job application

With a job application, you are seeking an invitation to a job interview. By applying, you convince the employer that you have the skills needed for the job.

If you can use the same application to apply for several jobs, that's not good! A good application always responds to the job advertisement submitted by the employer and is submitted in the way and format the employer wants (email, recruitment website/app, pdf., video, etc.).

Read the job advertisement carefully and aim to meet the qualifications stated in the job advertisement in your application. 

CV / Resume

A CV or resume is often attached to a job application. In a CV, you describe your education, experience, skills and career plans. The CV and the job application complement each other.

You can find good tips on how to express your skills in the course descriptions of your studies. 


With a portfolio, you can showcase your professional skills in a concrete way. There are different ways to build a portfolio and different sectors have different recommendations and requirements for a portfolio. The portfolio can be in both paper and electronic form.

You should start building up your portfolio during your studies, for example by describing and presenting your learning projects. You can start building your own skills profile in the KAMK kaura Career Service.

For advice and support on career planning or writing job applications, CVs and portfolios, check out the training courses offered by Momentum first. You can also contact kaura@kamk.fi to arrange a personal meeting.

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