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Starting a career in Sports and Leisure Management

I am Delaram and come from Iran. I study Leisure and Sports Management at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. I already have a Master of Science degree from Iran in sport injury and corrective exercise. I decided to study sport because being in a sport environment was always the thing that I wanted. I love that Sport brings people together and takes them away from their daily life and stress. I learned how to make a plan for my clients according to their goals and how to lead a class. Here at the university sport facilities are provided for students, both indoor and outdoor, right on or Delaram.jpgnext to the campus. I did my two practical trainings in Kajaani, one in the Honka basketball club and the other was in Luovi school for special students, where I provided adopted physical activities for them. After doing my practical training I had the chance to work as a coach for junior girls in basketball. Besides that, I also play in the Honka ladies club. Also I broadened my network in Kajaani by playing board games in one of the cafés. My plan for the future is to stay in the Kainuu area. The reason is, is that it is small and peaceful, where it is easier to connect with people and they know each other. I would like to work as a sport instructor here."                                                                  

Delaram Jolous Jamshidi, Bachelor Degree in Sports and Leisure Management 

Starting a Career in Esports

“My name is Lutfil and I am from Singapore and now I am studying Esports Business in KAMK. When I had to figure out what to do with my life, I asked myself what I am really passionate about. I applied to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences because of the unique programme in Esports Business. I only found one other programme like it in the UK, but Esports is bigger in Finland and therefore, I made my choice to come to Kajaani. So far, I have learned many

Lutfil.jpgthings, such as about the marketing industry, the aspect of the Esports foundation, how it is built upon, the ethics and the business around it as well. Apart from studies I set up my own KAMK Esports club. Our goal is to show what is Esports all about and how can we make Esports a learning experience for everyone. I am also doing a collaboration with other universities around the world. What we are trying to achieve is to build an Esports hub and create a social aspect awareness of Esports as well. In terms of future after studies, I look to start my own business together with a couple of my friends and that is kind of my end game."                                                                  

 Lutfil Hardy, Bachelor Degree in Esports Business    

Speeding up the Graduation in the BBA degree

“ The Bachelor's Degree in International Business at KAMK was recommended to me by foreign students that are members of my roller derby team. I finished my studies within 2.5 years, a year in advance. I did not plan from the beginning to shorten my studies, but during my second semester I thought about the option of using the long summer breaks effectively and doing my practical training in that time. I split my practical training into 2 parts working for a technology provider for industry in Kajaani during my first and second summer, reducing the study duration by half a year.

About the studies at KAMK I like that there is a great variety of courses and a lot of projects. I like working with people and always enjoyed the group work, strengthening my intercultural and social skills as well as my self-reliance. The studies also gave me the opportunity to go abroad. I decided to use the chance and go on exchange to Germany for a year during my second year. I made sure to find courses that I could easily substitute with courses from KAMK. Another big help for graduating early was the possibility to work on a project from KAMK remotely in Germany, earning me additional 10 credits. Next to earning the required 60 credits from Germany and the 10 extra credits, I managed to use my time as an exchange to visit several destinations in Europe together with friends that I made during my international studies. Sina Hoffren.jpg

When I was about to return to KAMK, I realized that since I have finished a lot of my courses, I will be able to write my thesis next to finishing the remaining classes. I discussed this idea with a teacher that supported me, and I found a thesis topic of my interest that I started working on from the beginning of my last semester. There was enough flexibility during my studies that I was able to accomplish courses and thesis at the same time, shortening my studies by another half a year. It was hard at times, but I am a goal achiever focused to overcome my anxiousness. I will start a job as an accountant next month at a company in Kajaani. It is a job that without the studies, I would have never dreamed of.” 

Sina Hoffrén, BBA graduate

From BBA to PhD - Follow your dreams!

Never give up your dream, no matter how your condition, situation, and even background could be. Your dream is you, and you are your dream. - Saheed A. Gbadegeshin

Martin Luther King (Jr) said that “I have a dream …”. Today, I’d like to add that “Never give up your dream, no matter how your condition, situation, and even background could be. Your dream is you, and you are your dream”. I’m happy to tell you that my dream has come true! I’m now a Doctor of Science (PhD).  

I dreamed to be a “Dr” in 1995 after reading some stories about great people. I kept it with me until I shared the dream with friends in 2001. Many of these friends and other people laughed at me and even joked with me on the dream. I also smiled and laughed at them because I knew what I want.

In 2006, I madeFrom BBA to PhD  up my mind to pursue my dream no matter how. I started by taking actions. I applied to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and I was admitted. I did my bachelor’s degree which I finished within 2.5 years. I moved forward with my MSc at University of Jyväskylä (Finland) and completed it within 10 months. I proceeded with my MBA at Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and got it done within 1 year and 2 months.

Before my MBA, I tried to apply for PhD program several times, but it was not successful. I did not give up. I continued. Fortunately, I got admission in December 2015 for my PhD. Meanwhile, there was no funding. I still made up my mind to continue it. After a year, that was January 2017, I started getting funding from Finnish Cultural Foundation and The Foundation for Economic Education. When I was sure that my PhD was in good position, I decided to have pedagogy qualification so that my PhD would be a unique doctoral study. So, I started a program at Häme University of Applied Sciences (Finland) for International Professional Teachers’ Education. I completed it within 11 months.

After my pedagogy degree, I focused and completed my PhD. It was done within speculated years with more than 10 international publications. With these activities, I supported my family, friends and colleagues in achieving their dreams. All these were done in just 12 years. To me, it’s a dream that came true!