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Possibilities for KAMK Students 

Regardless of your future profession or job description, today’s graduates are expected to have competencies to function in the globalized world. For this reason, KAMK offers its degree students opportunities to develop international skills during their studies. You can get international experience not only abroad, but also at KAMK!

KAMK Bachelor's Students / Studying and Practical Training Abroad
As our student, you have the opportunity to complete part of your studies and practical training abroad. The main principle is that you can study abroad after your first year of your studies and complete your practical training period after two years. All students can apply for a grant from KAMK to cover additional costs of going abroad. The easiest and cheapest way to go on exchange is to go to one of KAMK's partner universities.  

In addition to the regular student exchanges, Business and Tourism students have the opportunity the complete a double degree. This means that you complete part of your studies at KAMK partner university and when you graduate, you will also be awarded a degree from the partner university. 

Current KAMK students can find more information about studying and practical training abroad on the intranet pages.
KAMK Master's Students / Study Abroad Possibilities

You can choose between our short-term blended student mobility, long-term student exchanges and study abroad programmes coordinated by other universities of applied sciences. Some of KAMK's partner universities also offer virtual studies or short-term blended intensive programmes (BIP) that our students can participate in.

Short-term blended mobility at one of KAMK's partner universities means that the student mobility period includes a physical period and a virtual component. During the virtual component students work simultaneously and cooperatively with other students from the host organisation. The minimum duration of the physical period is 5 days without travel days. 

Long-term student exchanges are exchanges at one of KAMK's partner universities.

Other exchange possibilities are offered e.g. by JAMK. The length of these exchanges varies from one week to four months. Please note that the institution organizing the exchange may charge fees for making the arrangements and even tuition fees. For short-term exchanges, please follow the instructions given by the organizing institution. In long-term exchanges, please follow KAMK's application process. If you are interested in applying for exchanges organized by other universities of applied sciences, please always contact Head of International Affairs. 

Further information about your study abroad possibilities will be given by the International Coordinator or the Head of the Master's Degree.

Get International Experience at KAMK
It is not necessary to go so far afield to gain international experiences at KAMK. Foreign degree and exchange students as well as visiting lecturers from our partner universities abroad are an important part of our internationalisation. Besides completing the whole degree in English, you will have the possibility to study languages, complete cultural studies and possibly also participate in virtual mobility. Most of our Finnish-taught degrees also offer some English-taught courses. Also taking part in the student union KAMO's events and activities gives you a possibility to gain international experience. 
Internationalisation is for Everybody
All KAMK students are encouraged to go on exchange. Students with a disability may be eligible for additional financial support to help them take part in student exchange or practical training abroad. The grant is paid in addition to the normal exchange grant. Read more about the Special Needs and Inclusion Grant.

The Erasmus+ programme also provides additional financial support to the studies and practical training abroad of students with minor children, family carers, disabilities or they suffer from a severe of chronic health condition or have received international, subsidiary or temporary protection. More information can be found on our intranet page.
For more information, please contact
International Coordinators:
Kirsi Sievers
Helka Leimu-Pelkonen
Jaana Härkönen
Tommi Helin
Jaana Lappalainen / Master School

Meira Kaikkonen
Head of International Affairs
Tel. +358 44 7101 617

Email: firstname.lastname@kamk.fi