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Identifying Business Potential and Business Development 

The School of Business (Business and Innovations competence area) offers solutions to meet the internal and external needs of all business sectors. We work actively with the region’s entrepreneurs, organisations and municipalities supporting them in different projects and product design.
We are active and innovative business developers. We operate in cooperation with our international higher education partners and networks. We are involved in several national and international initiatives which have promoted entrepreneurship in peripheral regions, the services/product development of existing companies, service design and human resource management. 

Enterprise and entrepreneurship

We have participated in several national and international initiatives supporting mainly Kainuu-based companies in their bid to develop their business operations but on a wider scale we have also assisted in developing enterprise, from start-ups to international markets, in the Northern periphery area. 

Our staff possesses a high level of expertise in challenging new markets and business environments such as Russia, Asia and South America. We have worked in close cooperation with our partner universities, organisations and businesses in such regions and we are now familiar with the marketing problems and solutions associated with them.

We support entrepreneurship and enterprise among our students with the aid of an enterprise and innovation study pathway and we spar with novice entrepreneurs in cooperatives while they are still studying, to encourage and support post-graduation entrepreneurial activity.  

Human resource management

KAMK’s business sparrers gain comprehensive human resource management competence in both small and middle-sized businesses and in larger companies in different regions of Finland, Asia and the Pacific. 

See an example of a project: Multinational and cross-disciplinary project SHARPEN for developing HRM practices for SME's

Service design

We offer user-friendly and flexible service design for company needs. We offer strategic guidance in service design development and provide support in design concept definition and defining and describing the service process. We help you to generate ideas for analysing and developing your service environment and service contact points. We study and design customer personalities, your customers’ experiences and customer pathways. We also test and assess new service ideas. 

Anne Määttä
Senior Lecturer, RDI coordinator
Business and Innovations
GSM 044 710 1400

CEMIS Business Development unit 

CEMIS Business Development is an international business unit in the field of technologies commercialisation. CEMIS’ operations began in 2010. We are responsible for technology commercialisation operations in CEMIS’ Centre for Measurement and Information Systems (CEMIS) project activities. We also work with businesses and other organisations within our target regions: Europe, China, the Persian Gulf area and South America. 

Our task is to help companies and organisations commercialise technologies and innovations and to develop business models. We conduct national and international market research and help our customers to find the right networks in new market areas. We offer support in preparing and leading market-led projects. 

Anas Al Natsheh
Senior business advisor, Ph.D.
GSM 044 7101 228