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Winternational Week @KAMK

The next Winternational Week @KAMK  will take place physically in Kajaani on 13 - 17 February 2023, except for the Virtual Winternational Week of the Master School in Business. The programme will start on Monday 13 February and end after lunch on Friday 17. The preliminary programmes can be found below. Besides the official programme, you will also have a great opportunity to try out some winter activities.

Lecturers invited by KAMK do not need to pay for their participation in the Winternational Week except for the husky safari which costs approximately 100 euros/person. Participants will pay for their travel and accommodation expenses and KAMK pays for the transportation between the named hotels and KAMK, lunches and other free time activities mentioned in the programme.

Due to practical arrangements, we may have to limit the number of participants.

Winternational Week 2023

Different Schools offer their own unique activities which are introduced below.  

School of Business, School of Tourism, School of Sports

Course responsible for esports business, international business and tourism is Ms Kirsi Sievers (kirsi.sievers@kamk.fi) and for sports Ms Helka Leimu-Pelkonen (helka.leimu-pelkonen@kamk.fi).

School of Information Systems / Game Development
Course responsible for School of Information Systems and Game Development is Mr Tommi Helin (tommi.helin@kamk.fi).
School of Engineering
Course responsible for School of Engineering is Ms Kirsi Sievers (kirsi.sievers@kamk.fi).
Master School in Business

Master students have a joint ONLINE course on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility with master students from our partner universities. 
Course responsible is Ms Jaana Lappalainen (jaana.lappalainen@kamk.fi).


BIP Funded Intensive Courses

Blended Intensive Programme Project (BIP) funding has been awarded for our School of Health and Social Services and our Master School. The aim of each BIP-funded course is to develop a short, intensive joint mobility curriculum and activities for a minimum of 15 participants outside the organizing institution (students and/or university staff). The participating students will be granted, depending on the course, either 3 or 5 ECTS. The project consists of a virtual component of online pre-course activities and a short physical mobility phase of 5 days.

School of Health and Social Services

The School of Health and Social Services organizes its 9th bachelor-level 3-ECTS intensive course in evidence-based practice which is open for international students and lecturers in nursing, public health nursing and social work. The theme of the BIP course is multidisciplinary cooperation. 

Preliminary programme for the BIP course for the School of Health and Social Services.

If you are interested in or have any questions about this course, please contact Jaana Härkönen (jaana.harkonen@kamk.fi).

Master School in Health and Social Services

Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences and KAMK organize a course on Smart Solutions for Wellbeing Service Development and Management for Master students.

If you have any questions about this course, please contact Kirsi Moisanen (kirsi.moisanen@kamk.fi) or Jaana Härkönen (jaana.harkonen@kamk.fi).   


More Information

General Programme and Registration

Different Schools offer their own unique programmes for their participants, but we have also planned a general programme for the Winternational Week. Please note that changes are possible!

Detailed programmes for Different Schools can be found in each School's introduction above.

Registration for the Winternational Week has already ended.


It is possible to arrive to Kajaani by:

  • flying by Finnair, see the Finnair website for more information on flight connections
  • train by VR (Finnish National train company), see the VR website for more information on train connections
  • bus, see the Matkahuolto website for more information

Hotel accommodation in Kajaani is offered by:

KAMK offers a bus transportation from Monday to Friday every morning to the KAMK campus and in the afternoons back to the hotels. 

More Information
For more information, please contact KAMK international office by email: international.office(at)kamk.fi.