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International Winter School at KAMK

The International Winter School 2022 was to be held physically in Kajaani from 14 to 18 February 2022, but due to the COVID-19 situation in Finland, it was decided to implement it online. Different Schools organized the week with their own themes but the general theme for the Winter School was 'Rethinking the Future'.  

School of Business, Tourism and Sports

School of Business, Tourism and Sports offered lectures to KAMK students on esports business, international business, tourism or sports. International Coordinator Ms Marjukka Turunen coordinated the offered lectures. 

School of Information Systems and Game Development

School of Information Systems and Game Development offered two lectures for KAMK and KAMK's partner university students. The lectures are: 

  • An Introduction to Unreal Engine and Epic Games by Ari Arnbjörsson Evangelist from Epic Games.  "Ari Arnbjörnsson presents how Unreal Engine can be used in a variety of different professions from video games to new virtual production in movies and more." 
    The lecture is offered in Zoom on Tuesday 15 February at 2 - 3 PM (Finnish time)

  • The Future is Already Here by Samuli Jääskeläinen Software Engineer from Varjo  "Samuli Jääskeläinen reveals how Varjo has reached human eye resolution in XR rendering with today's technology and shows new use cases for virtual and mixed reality that this allows."  
    The lecture is offered in Zoom on Wednesday 16 February at 2 - 3 PM (Finnish time)

International Coordinator Mr Tommi Helin coordinated the offered lectures and provided links to the Zoom lectures by email. Tommi can be reached by email at tommi.helin(at)kamk.fi

School of Engineering

The School of Engineering offered a lecture about a future waste management system and a technical view on Tornion Panimo on Wednesday the 16th of Feb, at 12:30 – 14:00

  • Smart Waste Management - by Mikko Ahokas, Managing Director, Macon Oy

  • Brewery Case Tornion Panimo – by Mikko Ahokas, Board Member

School of Health and Social Services

The School of Health and Social Services organized its 8th bachelor-level intensive course in evidence-based practice which is open for international students and lecturers. International Coordinator Ms Jaana Härkönen is responsible of the intensive course and coordinates all participants accordingly. 

Master School in Business

Master students had a joint course on Knowledge-Based Decision Making and Analytics in Business with master students at KAMK partner universities. The Head of Master’s Degrees in Business, Ms Jaana Lappalainen was responsible of the execution of the joint course.

Master School in Health and Social Services

Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences and KAMK organized a course on Smart Solutions for Wellbeing Service Development and Management for Master students. 

Questions regarding this course, please contact Kirsi Moisanen (kirsi.moisanen@kamk.fi) or Jaana Härkönen (jaana.harkonen@kamk.fi).

More information
For more information, please contact KAMK international office by email international.office(at)kamk.fi.