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How to Apply for Studies at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

Take advantage of the famous Finnish higher education and apply for studies at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK)! 

Choose your path - we offer five Bachelor's degrees and five Master's degrees delivered in English!

General Information on Admission

Each year, the universities of applied sciences decide on the criteria for selecting the students on the basis of national admission principles. As a rule, universities of applied sciences follow the recommendations of the selection criteria, but for certain degree programmes, the principles may vary.

Student Agreement

All non-EU/EEA citizens selected for KAMK English-taught studies leading to a Finnish higher education degree must agree on a KAMK student agreement. The acceptance of the terms and conditions is done in StudyInfo when accepting the study place.
The KAMK Student Agreement applies to students who will start their studies after 1.1.2023.

The agreement applies to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences' tuition fees and scholarships and defines the rights and obligations of all parties and the terms under which a student may receive a scholarship for their studies in the degree programme.

The Student Agreement can be read in whole from KAMK website.

One Place per Student Provision
According to this provision, a student may accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree during one academic term. This rule applies to all higher education included in national joint applications and direct applications to universities and polytechnics/UAS. The purpose of this is to ensure admission to higher education institutions for as many students as possible.

The academic term (from 1 August to 31 December or 1 January to 31 July) is the set framework for implementation. The provision does not prevent acceptance of a place in another degree programme during another academic term. Even if the student postpones the commencement of studies, or interrupts his/her studies, that student cannot accept another study place for a degree programme starting in the same academic term.
Confirming the Study Place
Application results for Bachelor's degrees starting in autumn will be published in June at the latest. In addition to the message of admittance, the student will receive instructions for confirming the study place online, as well as the instructions for the first year tuition fee payment if applicable. It is imperative that the student confirms the acceptance of the study place to the higher education institution according to the given deadlines otherwise the student will lose the study place.

Confirmation of the study place is binding and cannot be altered or cancelled. If you have applied to several degree programmes, please wait until you have received all the admission results as you can only accept one new study place. Once you have received all the results, select your study place and make the confirmation online.

If you have been accepted to a higher option of preference, you cannot choose a study place from options of a lower preference. A student loses his/her study place, if the confirmation arrives at the higher education institution after the set date.
Reserve Places and Waiting List
If a student has not been admitted to any of his/her study options and he/she is placed on a reserve place, he /she might be admitted on a later date. A student can also be placed on the waiting list for a reserve place if he/she has been admitted to a lower preference study place. The reserve place is for one of the higher preference options that the student has expressed in his/her joint application.

A student remains on the waiting list until July. By this date, the student is either admitted to a reserve place on the waiting list, or to the study place initially offered to him/her.

Please note that waiting lists are not available for certain degree programmes at universities.
An applicant not satisfied with the results of the student selection process should first contact the university of applied sciences he/she has applied to. If the matter is not resolved, the student may appeal in writing to the executive board of the UAS in question. Such an appeal must be made within 14 days from the time the applicant had the possibility of receiving information on student selection.

Section 6.2. of the Constitution of Finland states that no one shall be discriminated against due to age, origin, language, state of health, or disability. The Equality Act (21/20.1.2004) also prohibits discrimination based on (working) conditions and practices. It obligates education organisers to take reasonable action to ensure that the disabled have access to education and training. The same principles of operation also apply to different types of learners.

You can progress in your studies according to personal study plan even if you have dyslexia, an illness or a disability, issues with mental health, a different language or cultural background or other difficulties concerning studies. You will receive support and guidance in your studies, and you can apply for personal study arrangements to support you in your studies. It's also possible to do studies abroad, internationalization is for everyone!

It is important that the student contacts the school staff to let them know the needs regarding accessibility and special arrangements needed.

Entrance examination

Individual arrangements for the UAS exam

If applicants due to their state of health or learning difficulties require individual arrangements as regards the entrance examination, they must request such arrangements in writing at the very latest immediately they receive the invitation to sit the entrance exam. Applicants must submit the request to the admissions office of the University of Applied Sciences that sent the entrance exam invitation. A statement written by a doctor or other expert concerning the applicant’s form of disability or illness must be enclosed with the written request. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences will inform the applicant of the individual arrangements that will be made on his/her behalf.

KAMK´s application form for individual arrangements

Please find further information.


If you are a refugee or in a refugee-like situation and the qualifications you have obtained cannot be proven through documentary evidence, the UAS' concerned can still invite you to the entrance examination.

In this case you must prove the refugee status by a decision made by a competent authority and send a copy of the decision (a decision on asylum or a residence permit granted on the basis of a need for protection) to the admission services by the deadline.

In addition, please request a Verification of Educational Background form from Admission services in case you do not have your original degree certificates. Fill in the form and return it to all of the Admission services of the UAS's you are applying for.

Student Admission through different ways

Kajaani University of Applies Sciences (KAMK) has the discretion to offer a study admission to students outside of the traditional joint application process.

Restitution of the Right to Study

Were you just a few credits short of getting your degree?

Did your studies get interrupted when you studied at KAMK or at another Finnish University of Applied Sciences? Do not worry, you can reapply to KAMK and finish your degree. At this site you can find instructions for how to apply for reinstatement of your right to study in different situations.

KAMK Student: Did you forget to register for attendance and your study right has not expired?
If you have neglected to register for attendance within the registration period, you have lost your right to resume your studies. You can still study at the open university of applied sciences. You can apply for restitution of your right to study if your study right has not expired.

You can apply for restitution of your right to study with the electronic application form you can find below. If you are not sure if your study right has expired, contact the Study Office. The right to resume studies is restituted starting from the beginning of the next semester. 

In the application process the board evaluates if it is realistic for you to finish your studies during the study right period you have left. You must provide a plan to finish your studies with your application.

Before your application is processed you must pay 50 € handling fee (A1440/2014 § 3) through the KAMK online shop. The online shop can be found on the front page of KAMK website (Choose ’Restoring the Right to Study’). If you are obliged to pay the tuition fee,remember to take care of the tuition fee as well.

Students can appeal the decision to the KAMK board within 14 days of the notification of the decision.

Application for the Restitution of the Right to Study
KAMK Student: Your study right has expired, but you want to finish your degree?

If you did not finish your studies during your study right period or the extended period, you can apply for restitution of the right to study for your unfinished degree or a corresponding degree. If your right to study is restituted, you will be registered as attending for the granted study right period and cannot register as absent.

You can apply for a temporary reinstatement of the right to study, if:

- you started your studies 1.8.2015 or after, and have not finished your degree
- you need ca. 60 ECTS to finish your degree (or 30 ECTS for a Master’s degree)

If you need more than 60 ECTS to finish your degree, you can complete courses through the Open UAS and apply for restitution of the right to study after you have enough credits. Learn about the Open UAS.

There is continuous admission for the temporary restitution of the right to study, so you can apply outside the joint application period. The right to study is granted for a maximum of two semesters (one full academic year) and is usually reinstated starting from the beginning of the next semester.


Applying and the handling fee

You must apply for the temporary restitution of the right to study with a separate application form. Before you submit your application, you should discuss your situation with the study counsellor of your school. If it is established that you should apply for restitution of your right to study, fill out the application form and submit it with the required attachments to the KAMK Study Office.

With your application you need a current transcript of records and a certificate of resignation from your previous studies. You also need to pay 50 € handling fee (A1440/2014 § 3) through the KAMK online shop. The online shop can be found on the front page of KAMK website (Choose ’Restoring the Right to Study’). Students can appeal the decision to the KAMK board within 14 days of the notification of the decision.

Application for the Temporary Restitution of the Right to Study
Separate application period to finalize your studies

You can apply to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) to finalize your studies:

If you have studied in another Finnish UAS degree programme and you have resigned from your studies or lost your right to study due to neglecting registration or for other reasons.

If you had started your studies in KAMK before 1.8.2015 and did not finalize your studies. However you have already gained at least 160 credits. If you do not have enough credits, you can complete courses through the Open UAS and apply for restitution of the right to study after you have enough credits.

The new right to study can be admitted only for the same or equivalent degree, you have studied before. Before submitting your application, you must discuss with the study councellor and make preliminary schedule for completing the studies. The new timetable for completing the studies will be announced to you, if you are accepted to study the degree programme.

For studies leading to Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Health Care and to Bachelor’s Degree in Sport and Leisure Management, SORA-legislation is applied.

You can apply new right to study by filling the separate application period form in Study Info.

Separate Application periods 2023:

2 - 15 May 2023
1 - 15 November 2023

Transfer Students

Students who wish to apply for a transfer to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) must have the right to study in a degree programme in a  Finnish University of Applied Sciences and they should be progressing in their studies according to their study plan.

A transfer student is a student whose study right is transferred either to different degree programme or from different higher education institution.

See Studyinfo to read general instructions: What is transfer application?

Admissions criteria at KAMK

  • You can apply for a transfer, if you have a study right in a degree programme in a Finnish higher education institution
  • You have completed studies at least worth of 22 ECTS per semester or 45 ECTS per academic year (excluding accredited studies)
  • You have been a present student at least one academic year.
  • You have a realistic possibility to graduate during the standard study time. Study right does not start from the beginning or be extended after transfer.

Required documents

• Officially signed and stamped certificate of enrollment containing attendance record
• Officially signed and stamped transcript of records and a list of ongoing courses (personal study plan)
• If necessary, a document verifying exemption from tuition fee payment
Save the documents online to your application.

Prerequisites for

The selection is possible only when
• You meet the transfer admissions criteria
• There are study places in the study group you're applying to
• Your previous studies can be included to the degree at KAMK
• Your remaining study right is enough to complete the degree at KAMK

The applications are submitted on Study Info during the application period (taking place twice a year).

Transfer student cannot register as absent in the first academic year after the transfer.

Application periods 2024

2 - 15 May (studies starting in autumn)
1 - 15 November (studies starting in spring)

Results published latest by:
30 June (studies starting in autumn)
15 December  (studies starting in autumn)

Accepting the study place latest by:
31 July 3 pm Finnish local time (studies starting in autumn)
31 December 3 pm Finnish local time (studies starting in spring)

Tuition fees

Tuition fees after 1 January 2024

Bachelor´s Degrees: 7 000 euros per academic year for students starting their studies after 1 January 2024
Master´s Degrees: 11 500 euros per academic year for students starting their studies after 1 January 2024

The credits completed at the previous university of applied sciences are considered when checking eligibility for the scholarship at KAMK for Bachelor´s degree students. 
Bachelor´s degree students must accomplish a minimum of 55 credits per academic year to apply for a scholarship that provides a discount of 3000 euros to the tuition fee from their second year onward. For Bachelor's degree students, it is also possible to apply for a scholarship based on a Finnish language level test completed during the academic year. The accepted test is the National certificate of language proficiency (YKI), intermediate level or higher. The scholarship is worth 3000 euros and it is directly used to reduce the tuition fee.

Further information about KAMK tuition fee and scholarship policy please see our website Tuition fee and scholarships at KAMK

Discretionary Admission
Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) uses discretionary admission, so that other applicants, who do not fulfill the eligibility criteria fully, may also be invited to the entrance examination, if KAMK considers their skills and knowledge sufficient. Discretionary applicants are included in the student selection process in the same way as other eligible applicants. Discretion only concerns an applicant’s eligibility to apply.

Applicants without the required education background should contact KAMK Admissions Services before or during the application period for further details: admissions(at)kamk.fi.

To apply in discretionary admission:

1) apply normally online at Study Info during application period

2) submit copies of the certificates that you wish to invoke to KAMK Admissions Office. Please enclose the cover letter shortly explaining why your application should be considered in discretionary admission. The attachments must arrive by the deadline of enclosure documents.

Please note, that when using discretionary admission, the copies of the same certificates must be sent to each university of applied sciences to which you are applying.

Please refer to your applicant number in all correspondence.
Any questions?
Please contact:
KAMK Admissions Services
+358 40 654 8475