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Industrial Materials Applications

The Applied Geopolymer Technology (AGT) research team specialises in geopolymer applications for construction and water treatment. Based on experience amassed from several R&D projects, the team offers research, development and expert services in a variety of industrial applications. Its main research focus lies in the application of adsorption-based technologies in the treatment of industrial waters and creating sustainable construction engineering solutions for different forms of infrastructure. The team’s core expertise covers side-flows generated by different industrial sectors.

Water treatment applications

The purpose of product development aiming at new water treatment applications is to develop cost-effective granulated adsorption products to treat process waters, mining waste waters and sewerage. The research currently focuses on capturing nutrients (ammonium and phosphate), removing arsenic and other transition metals from high concentrates and the capture of critical and valuable metals.

Sustainable construction and civil engineering solutions

Our product development focuses on applied geopolymer solutions in infrastructural, geotechnical and environmental engineering contexts and the economical use of primary and secondary raw materials. We have studied and piloted solutions for stabilising road and land structures, new road structures, stabilising and encapsulating waste materials, and patching asphalt. 

KAMK’s mechanical and mining engineering unit has mineral processing and characterisation infrastructure, such as crushing and grinding devices, a jet mill with integrated particle size analysis, screening machines, a pilot sized granulator, as well as XRD, XRF and TGA characterisation devices. KAMK also has a mobile laboratory that can be used for field testing. Development is enhanced by the latest mechanical design and simulation software such as various SolidWorks simulation tools, as well as a spare parts workshop.


Kimmo Kemppainen
Project Manager
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