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Formal Permission to Conduct Research

Formal permission to conduct research granted by KAMK is required when the research involves the students or staff of the university of applied sciences, or KAMK as an organisation. 

A research permit is permission from KAMK to approach its staff and/or students in connection with research. It is not a substitute for the subject's consent to participate in the study. If information is obtained directly from the subjects, e.g. through questionnaires, interviews or other similar means, the decision to participate in the study is made by the individual.

Permission to conduct research is usually granted for the purposes of empirical research or theses. Research permission can be granted to KAMK staff members, for post-graduate studies or research linked to KAMK’s operations. In such cases, the research plan must set out how the results will be distributed and how they will be used to develop operations at KAMK.

Permission to conduct research is granted by the President/CEO.


Granting Permission to Conduct Research 

Under the terms and conditions of granting permission to conduct research and provide information/material, the author of the research must commit to the legal obligations concerning the processing of personal data and ensuring confidentiality when processing information/material.
The author of the research has the duty to respect confidentiality when using information and material and to use such information/material only for the research for which permission has been granted.

The person authorised to grant permission to conduct research will inform the applicant of a favourable decision as well as the person at KAMK in charge of providing information/material from KAMK’s system or in charge of forwarding questionnaires to those participating in the research. At this point, the person who has received permission to conduct research will also agree on, among other issues, how the questionnaires will be distributed in practice. 

Processing Personal Data During Research

KAMK requires that the researcher commits to following the mandatory stipulations concerning data processing and protection set out in the Data Protection Regulation and the Personal Data Act. The research must take personal data security into account during the research planning stage. Those participating in the research must be informed that their personal data will be processed before such processing begins.
When personal data is processed for research purposes, the application for permission to conduct research must include an appended document that describes how the personal data will be used and processed. (Data Protection Regulation 679/2016, Personal Data Act 523/1999 §10, §14). If required, the appendix to the application should also include a preliminary ethical assessment statement.

Research files subsequent to research, which contain data relating to individual persons should be destroyed or archived as stipulated in the Personal Data Act.

Apply for Permission to Conduct Research

The application for research permission with relevant attachments must sent as a scanned document to the following address: tutkimusluvat(at)kamk.fi.

The Research Permission form 

The application must be accompanied by:

  • research plan (incl. a plan how to handle research material)
  • notification for research participants
  • acceptance form for research participants
  • all possible material given for the research participant (ie. questionnaire, interview plan)
  • if the research is designed to be carried out in a way that requires a prior ethical review, the opinion of the Ethics Committee must be attached to the application
  • if the research involves processing of personal data, a privacy statement must be attached to the application