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Welcome to KAMK!

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) is a proactive and international university in Kainuun Region with the vision of being a small but big university of applied sciences. KAMK has approximately 3,100 students and 250 members of staff and offers a number of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. KAMK is actively doing research and development projects with companies and organizations operating in the regions of Kainuu, Koillismaa and Northern Ostrobothnia. KAMK is owned by the city of Kajaani.

Due to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) offers possibilities and study opportunities for Ukrainians. In case you want to find out what study possibilities might suit for you, feel free to contact us, contact details can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Possibilities to Study at KAMK

We want to enable people who have fled the war in Ukraine to study at KAMK. We also want to provide those
interested in education with individual guidance according to your needs. We cannot give you ready-made answers, but we can help you to:
• find a study or career path in Finland that suits you;
• discover your skills, strengths and potential development needs;
• consider opportunities for employment in your field in Finland or;
• learn new skills and expand your knowledge of new career options.

Alternative Study Paths at KAMK
Bachelor Degree Studies

KAMK offers a wide selection of English-taught Bachelor’s degrees that provide valuable core knowledge, hands-on experience and networking opportunities in your future industry. Finland is known worldwide for providing extremely high-quality education, and KAMK continues this traditional within four Bachelor’s degree programs delivered fully in English:

Master's Degree Studies

The Master’s Degrees at KAMK will help you on your journey towards achieving a management position, developing a strong professional network, or even starting your
own business. English-taught Master’s Degrees at KAMK are multidisciplinary programs that welcomes applicants with the minimum of a Bachelor’s (first-cycle) degree qualification and at least two years of subsequent work experience in a relevant field. Further information:

Tuition fee and scholarships
Students from outside the EU/EEA area are required to pay tuition fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s level degree programmes which are taught in English. However, Finnish government offer scholarships to cover the costs for tuition fees either partially or wholly in a case by case basis for Ukrainian students. At KAMK, the decision of the tuition fee for Ukrainian students is done case by case based on recommendations and instructions of the Finnish government. 
KAMK Pathway Studies

Pathway studies are offered via KAMK Open University. The studies will start in autumn 2023 and the application period will open in the beginning of August 2023.

The extent of pathway studies is 60 credits, which corresponds to one academic year of study. Studying is free of charge, but the pathway students are not entitled to student financial aid such as study grants.

The offered courses are based on KAMK degrees’ curricula and can be accredited towards a degree later. Studies are taught face-to-face and as full-time studies. Pathway studies help you to prepare for higher education studies and reach the skill level needed for admission. Upon successful completion of the pathway, international students can apply to enter for bachelor’s degree studies at KAMK.

Read more from KAMK Open UAS.

UAS Pathway Studies

Tuition fee-based Pathway studies are offered by several Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. Courses are available in Information and Communication Technology, or in International Business. Each program consist of 60 credits.

Upon successful completion of the Pathway studies, you can apply to enter for Bachelor’s degree studies at selected Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. The tuition fee for UAS Pathway studies is 6,000 euros/academic year. Pathway studies are offered fully online.

For more information, please visit www.uaspath.fi .

Contact information and enquiries:
Project Manager
Pekka Silvén
email: pekka.silven(at) kamk.fi
tel +35840 484 3399 

Individual Courses at KAMK Open UAS

KAMK Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) studies are open for everyone regardless of your previous studies, work experience and age. However, to succeed in the studies you should have sufficient study-, language-, and time management skills. The Open UAS studies are independent courses, offered mostly online, giving you the opportunity to study part-time and remotely. The studies do not lead to a degree but give you a head start for a degree studies.

KAMK Open UAS offers courses also in English for Bachelor-level but also for Master-level. The individual courses range from 1 to 5 credits. Several courses can be combined to form a broader study package. To combine the courses into modules, the student needs guidance from the Open University of Applied Sciences Coordinators. Some courses are taught face-to-face and some are offered online. Studying at Kajaani Open University of Applied Sciences is free of charge for all Ukraine refugees. 

Further information of the offered courses, please visit KAMK Open UAS

Erasmus+ Exchange Possibilities

Ukrainian higher education institution students and staff are offered an opportunity to apply for Erasmus+ exchanges at KAMK during academic year 2023 - 2024.

Erasmus+ Possibilities for Ukrainian University Students

  • Student exchange, one semester exchange studies at KAMK. Exchange studies can start in autumn 2023 at the earliest.
  • Erasmus+ grant to support in living costs
  • Eligibility criteria: registered as a student at a Ukrainian university, good English language knowledge

Erasmus+ Possibilities for Staff of Ukrainian Universities

  • Staff exchange 2 days to 2 months
  • Erasmus+ grant to support in living cost
  • Eligibility criteria: working at a Ukrainian University, good English language knowledge

More Information

Please contact KAMK international office at international.office(at)kamk.fi to check up your eligibility for Erasmus+ and to get more information. Please note that the number of student and staff grants is limited.

Possibilities to Work at KAMK

KAMK enables you to work in higher education, research and development, as well as in a variety of professional tasks. To be employed with us, you need a university degree, good English language skills and a teaching qualification if you are applying for a teaching position. The posts are open to applications by public advertisement. If you are interested in applying for positions at KAMK, please follow the job vacancies on the website: www.kuntarekry.fi

If you have worked at a university in your home country, please contact:
Jari Kähkönen (Director of School of Business, Tourism, Sports, Engineering and Information Systems),
Eija Heikkinen (Director of Master School and Director of School of Health and Social Services),
email: firstname.lastname(at)kamk.fi or kajaanin.amk(at)kamk.fi.

Further information