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Serious Game Applications (VR/AR)

Serious game means a game that is planned for a purpose other than entertainment, such as marketing, informing, teaching, induction, operational development or health promotion.

The use of game technology and game-like elements outside the games for entertainment sector has generated an increasing amount of interest in recent years. It is predicted that virtual and augmented reality solutions will become increasingly common in different industries in the near future, bringing competitive advantages and better efficiency with them. Citizens and public organisations will also benefit from serious game solutions. 

Our project activities focus on the application of virtual reality, game technology, and serious games in teaching, induction and orientation, increasing safety, industrial facilities, marketing and providing information. 

Clever Simulation Entertainment team 

The approx. 10-person Clever SE team of experts works full time with serious games and is specialised in the applied research and development of virtual and augmented reality. We work flexibly and professionally to solve challenges defined by the project or identified by our customers. Our wide range of expertise combined with modern R&D environments allows us to develop applications for all sectors and industries.
At our disposal is a modern, versatile game development laboratory equipped with the latest VR and AR devices, key game development software, 3D modelling tools and supercomputer computing capacity.
An idea is enough, and we will help you make it real!

Image and video references are available on the following web pages: cse.fi, matkapelialalle.fi

Kyösti Koskela
Project manager
GSM 044 7101 269

Virtual Industry Solutions (VIS) team 

The Virtual Industry Solutions (VIS) team focuses on researching and developing virtual applications for industry. The VIS team contributes significantly to developing virtualisation solutions for the mining industry, but our activities also extend to other sectors. 

We help people in industry and companies to use data gathered from the environment, equipment and processes by moulding it into easily comprehensible visual formats to support decision-making. For example, virtual reality can be used to provide effective safety induction. Our RDI activities are mainly company-based since we develop solutions for genuine needs.

Jonna Kalermo-Poranen
Head of VIS Lab
GSM 044 710 1049