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Business Ecosystems (developing contexts where businesses can flourish) 

We actively develop and modernise service innovations and networks to help companies meet the needs of their customers cost-effectively. We assist companies to grow their national and international operations. Customer-centredness, continuous value creation, phenomenal experiences and network-based practices are at the core of our activities. We are involved in many significant business ecosystem development initiatives.


We are exergaming pioneers. Exergaming combines game technology and exercise to promote motor skills and physique. We use the SmartGym, located on our campus, as our testing environment. Take a look at our SmartGym here.

Applied Tourism Research

We produce high quality and reliable applied tourism research in Finland. The core focus of our research is measuring, monitoring and predicting the regional economic impacts of tourism. Browse publications by KAMK’s field of tourism here.


Katri Takala
R&D Manager
puh. 044 710 625