At Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) we support and encourage students to accomplish target-oriented study skills and to become professional experts in their own field. 

Studies Offered (Bachelor)

Each degree program contains unique curriculum, a plan of the structure and content of the degree programme. Bachelor's degree program consists of:

  • Basic Studies
  • Professional Studies (compulsory/optional)
  • Free-choice Studies
  • Practical Training
  • The Thesis and Maturity Test

 The universities of applied sciences together with representatives from working life have determined the skills, i.e. competences that a university of applied sciences graduate is expected to have. Working life competences and skills follow students from the beginning of their studies and one of the most important tasks of the studies is to strengthen these competences and skills

Bachelor's Degree in International Business
Bachelor's Degree in Esports Business
Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Leisure Management
Bachelor's Degree in Tourism

Studies Offered (Master)

Master's degree programs consist of:

  • Management Studies
  • RDI Studies
  • Advanced Professional Studies
  • Free-choice Studies
  • Master's Thesis

Studies consist of different courses that form larger study units called modules. Details of courses and teaching, course progression and specialization options are presented in the study guide for each degree program.See below Study Guide for each degree program:

Master's Degree in International Business Management
Master's Degree in Global Business Management
Master´s Degree in Game Business Management, (Business)
Master´s Degree in Game Business Management, (Engineering)

Right to Study

The right to study at Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences are defined in the Polytechnics Act and Decree.
Full-time studies mean accomplishing 60 credits per academic year (in degree of minimum of 210 credits). The right to study consists of the following:

  • The normative study time: 3,5 years for Bachelor's degrees and 2 years for Master's degrees
  • Right to absence (maximum of 1 year)

In order to retain the right to study, all KAMK students must register as present (attending) or absent (non-attending) yearly within set period of time. If a student changes the enrollment during the semester, the change is valid from the date of the application has been made.

Students registered as absent (non-attending) can not complete their studies and are not entitled to student grants, student meal subsidies or other student allowances. At the same time the students must take into account the possible effects of absence on study plans as the degree programme syllabus is in force for one academic year at a time. Absence from studies might also affect residence permits for non-EU/EEA students. 
New students may register as non-attending for the first study year only because of legal reasons.   

Rules and Regulations for Studies

Studying and accomplishing a degree is regulated by a set of rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are defined in the University of Applied Sciences Law and Decree and in the University of Applied Sciences degree regulations. The most important regulations concern the time it should take to accomplish your studies, registration procedure, studies accreditation procedure, evaluation and teaching arrangements.

Degree Regulations

Detailed regulations and instructions concerning degree qualifications, degree programs, curriculums, courses, study counselling, participation in teaching, accreditation of other studies, practical training, the thesis, evaluation and certificates are provided in the University of Applied Sciences degree regulations.

The degree regulations at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences are regularly updated every academic year. Each new intake follows the regulations that were valid at the outset of studies throughout the duration of the whole degree programme unless otherwise specified. The degree regulations are accepted and approved by the KAMK Board meeting yearly.

KAMK Degree Regulation 1.8.2020 -


Accreditation is the main term used to describe the approval of competence acquired through studies, practical training, leisure pursuits and e.g. civic activities by students as a part of their degree or course (compulsory or optional studies). Such competence could have been acquired either before or during University of Applied Sciences studies. The different forms of accreditation are substitution, inclusion and recognition of previously acquired knowlegde, AHOT. Accreditation is regulated by the University of Applied Sciences decree (932/2014, 37§).

Accreditation is always carried out on a case by case basis. The Head of Degree Programme, with the authority of the Head of School is entitled to make decisions concerning accreditation.

Graduation and Diploma Supplement

At KAMK you can graduate each month (except for July). On graduation, you will receive digital (electronic) graduate certificate. The digital graduate certificate is an official document which does not require separate authentication. The certificate can be submitted in electronic form (for example as an attachment) to different authorities or employers.

Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement is an appendix to the higher education degree diploma/certificate for use in international contexts. The Diploma Supplement is a document developed jointly by the EU, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. Finnish law requires higher education institutions to present their students with a diploma supplement.

Diploma Supplement a document given in English which includes additional information about your qualification, the higher education institution that awarded it and the education system in the country where it was awarded and thus offers easier access to job opportunities or further studies abroad.

In Finland all graduates receive a Diploma Supplement automatically and free of charge from their higher education institution. A transcript of records in English is attached to the Diploma Supplement, where all completed courses and grades are listed.
The Diploma Supplement is not a substitute or translation of the original qualification or transcript but it provides more information about the qualification.

Student Financial Aid

Student financial aid is provided by KELA, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. Financial aid is available in the form of study grants, housing supplements and government guarantees for student loans.
It is intended to provide an income to students who are not eligible for aid under some other provisions.

In order to qualify for student financial aid, you must be a full-time student, make satisfactory academic progress, and be in need of financial assistance.

Non-citizens of Finland can get financial aid for studies in Finland if they live in Finland on a permanent basis for a purpose other than studying. This requires that they are registered as a permanent resident in the Finnish population register system. If you come to Finland solely for the purpose of attending a school, you are not entitled to receive the Finnish student financial aid.

Student Services

KAMK and different stakeholders in Kajaani provide a variety of services to support and promote student wellbeing and learning ability.
Study Office

Study Office

The Study Office is the main information center for all students. The Study Office gives advice on planning and completing the studies.

The Study Office is located on campus, in Tieto 1 building, 3rd floor. The Student Office is open for visiting on campus every Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 14:00. At other times the Study Office is open during the week from 9 am to 3 pm. Possible customer meetings and visits during the other time can be arranged on a case-by-case basis by calling the study office on +358 40 6548 471 or by e-mail

Study Office Contact Information
Tel. +358 40 6548 471 (Study Office)
Email studyoffice(at) 

Study Guidance and Study Counselling
KAMK's talented group of course lecturers and staff members provides you with individualized support, helping you to identify and develop the personal skillset. To ensure smooth progress in studies we have teacher tutors, study counsellors and student welfare officer at your service. We also collaborate with local authorities and other stakeholders to help the students feel like home at Kajaani.


KAMK library is located on campus, in Tieto 1 -building (1st floor). The library offers access to the printed and the electronic collection and advice on how to make the best use of them. Library services are public and open to all users. The collections contain materials according to the subjects taught at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) but in addition, literature on the educational sciences and psychology from the library of the University of Oulu.
KAMK library provides:

  • up to date collections to fulfill professional information needs
  • sources of information for use in the library or online 24/7
  • an open learning environment for your journey to becoming an expert
  • a highly trained and expert staff at your service
  • information retrieval training

You can work in the library using library's public computers in the library or in the independent work room.
Further information of the library services from KAMK library website. 

Student Union KAMO

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences's (KAMK) student union, more commonly known as KAMO work as students and student's life's supported for your time at KAMK. Student Union KAMO is a statutory organization that represents and promotes students’ interests, provides student services, develops teaching and solve teaching related problems. KAMO’s other major responsibilities include arranging leisure activities and taking care of international matters.

Students can join student union KAMO once they have received their student number. As a member of the student union, students will get a student card and wide variety of different student benefits, locally and nationally. 

KAMO's office is located on campus, in Tieto 1 building. Further information of KAMO's services can be found from KAMO's website

Insurance for Students

Kajaani University of Applied (KAMK) provides insurance to it's degree students as follows:

Voluntary Accident Insurance

Voluntary accident insurance covers accidents occurring during normal school hours as well as during travel to and from school. This insurance covers students also during their practical training. This insurance is also valid abroad and for all KAMK students.

Statutory Accident Insurance

When you complete your practical training, you are also covered by the KAMK statutory accident insurance. This insurance is also valid abroad and for all KAMK students.

Liability Insurance

KAMK has liability insurance against possible damage caused by degree students. This insurance is valid worldwide but not in the United States and Canada.

Travel Insurance Abroad

Those KAMK students who are entitled to Finnish social security (e.g. you can get Kela funding for your studies) are covered by the KAMK travel insurance during their study related trips abroad. The insurance is valid for up to six months. The travel insurance does not include luggage insurance.

In case of accident or damage students must immediately contact their supervising teacher and/or the Secretary or Management Assistant. Students must fill in an insurance accident / occupational illness notification for any type of accident / damage. Eventhough the accident may not have cause serious health problems when it actually occured, the problems may start to occur later on after the accident and such cases may not be covered by insurance after a longer period of time has elapsed. 

Student Health Care Services

Degree students who study for a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in a University of Applied Sciences will be entitled to use services of the Finnish Health Service (FSHS), called in Finnish Ylioppilaiden terveydenhoitosäätio YTHS.

The FSHS responsibility is to provide students with health and medical care services, to promote students’ health and ability to study, and to promote the well-being of the study environment and student community. All degree students in higher education will be entitled to use FSHS services, as long as they have registered as an attending student and paid the healthcare fee to KELA.

Students attending a Finnish University of Applied Sciences are required to pay  a student healthcare fee to Finnish Social Security Institution (Kela) for each academic term. Students cannot get an exemption from the student healthcare fee for any any reasons. Students are not sent invoice for the student healthcare fee and all students must make sure to pay it in OmaKela for each academic term. Due date for the student health care fee is annually 30 September (for autumn semester) and 31 January (for spring semester).

Student Restaurants

Student restaurants

Student restaurant FoX and three different cafés serve KAMK students on Kajaani campus. KAMK degree students are eligeble for Kela student discount for daily lunch. A warm lunch in the student restaurant FoX costs approximately 3 euros (incl. salad, bread, water/juice/milk and a warm meal). Student discount can be proven with student ID found from TUUDO mobile application. Student restaurant FoX serves customers from Monday to Friday 10:30-14:45 (lunch 10:45-12:45).  

Besides the restaurant, there are three cafés in the campus area:

  • Netticafé in Taito 1 (Kuntokatu 5)
  • Care Café in Taito 2 (Ketunpolku 4)
  • Kaffe Tauko in Tieto 1 (Ketunpolku 1)
Career Services

KAMK kaura logo ENG transparent.png

KAMK career services (kaura) offer students and alumni information about working life, guidance in job search and career planning, training and coaching, recruitment events and other cooperation with working life. KAMK uses the Tiitus service to advertise job, internship, thesis and project opportunities.

Tiitus logo.png

Looking for a job, internship, thesis or project opportunities? Download the Tiitus app on your phone, create a profile, join the KAMK kaura domain and get suggestions of opportunities that best suit you. You can also submit open applications to employers!

Read more:
KAMK Career Services

Talents for Kainuu

KAMK currently runs a project a project called "Talents for Kainuu". The aim of the project is to support the international students in finding career opportunities in Kainuu region so that they can stay in the area after graduation. During the project, emphasis will be put on providing personal career guidance and producing guidance material related to finding a job in Finland and Kainuu. In addition, local employers will be brought together with the international students so that the students will be able to create a professional network in the region already during their studies.
Read more about finding jobs at Kainuu region from Career in Kainuu.



Leisure Activities

The city of Kajaani offers stunning natural surroundings and versatile possibilities for different kind of activities. Here's few listed:

  • Vimpelinvaara outdoor leisure and sports area offers possibilities for jogging, field sports, tennis, ice-hockey, skating, skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding, field sports and disc golf park. Vimpelinvaara is located conveniently next to KAMK campus area. 
  • Swimming Hall Kaukavesi 


KaMove produces sports services accessible for all skill levels for students. Activities take place in the areas and sports locations of KAMK campus. The goal of KaMove is to enhance the wellbeing of KAMK students and to make possible for everyone to do sports throughout the studies.

KaMove offers instructed group exercises, possibility to use the ball shifts in sport hall and gym on campus.

To use KaMove services (gym, group exercises, ball shifts), students must buy a separate sport sticker. The sticker costs 30euros (per semester) and it can be bought from Kaffe Tauko (Tieto 1 building).

Religious Activities

Lutheran Congregation has a student pastor helping and supporting KAMK students. The student pastor can be contacted confidentially when in need. 
Contact details:
Ms Anna Juntunen
tel +358 44 744 4112

Kajaani Othodox Congregation and Islamic Council of Kainuu are also operating in Kajaani. 

Study Office
+358 40 6548 471