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Incoming Exchange Students

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) warmly welcomes students from our partner universities for student exchange. Most of the exchange students come for one semester (autumn / spring) or the whole academic year (August - May). International exchange is a great opportunity to experience studies in a multicultural environment. 

Exchange students normally come through exchange programmes such as Erasmus+.  

Application Procedure

If you plan to study at KAMK as an exchange student, we first need an official nomination from your home university by the given deadline. Please contact the International Office at your home university to start the application process there. The nomination can be done via email to international.office(at)kamk.fi, and the nomination should include the following information:

- Last name
- First Name(s)
- Date of Birth (dd.mm.yyyy)
- Gender
- Email address
- Duration of exchange / semester
- Field of studies

Once we have received the nomination from your home university, we will send further instructions on the application process to the student directly. The application takes place through an online application system called SoleMOVE. 


Nominations from partner universities for incoming exchange students should be sent to KAMK International Office (international.office(at)kamk.fi):
- by 15 April for the autumn semester
- by 15 October for the spring semester.

Applications for study abroad or practical training periods are submitted through the online application system (SoleMOVE). The nominated students should submit their applications and their learning agreements by the following deadlines:
- by 30 April for the autumn semester
- by 31 October for the spring semester

Academic Calendar

Academic Year 2024 - 2025 

Semester 1: 

Orientation days 21.8. - 23.8.2024
Autumn semester 26.8. - 20.12.2024
Independent Study Week  14.10. - 20.10.2024 (no teaching) 

Semester 2: 

Orientation days 07. - 08.01.2025 
Spring semester  07.01. - 23.05.2025
Independent Study Week  03.03. - 09.03.2025 (no teaching) 

Language Skills Requirements
Incoming exchange students must have sufficient skills in the English language to follow classes (at least level B2 on the Common European Framework ) as the studies offered in English are of advanced level. However, we do not require any official languages test certificates from the exchange students coming from our partner universities.
Offered Courses

Bachelor Level Studies

Exchange studies are possible in the following programmes (the list of courses offered is updated during the application period): 

If you are a student in Health and Social Services or Engineering, you can ask for opportunities for practical training in Finland from the International Office. 

Master Level Studies

Exchange studies are possible in the following programme:

Studying Finnish Language

For incoming exchange students, we offer a beginner's course in Finnish: Finnish for Exchange Students (3 ECTS). It is highly recommended to study the basics of the local language during your exchange and it is fun way to bond with the other exchange students. 


Learning Agreement and Contact Persons

A Learning Agreement (LA) is a document in which you list the courses you want to study at KAMK. The courses should be chosen during the application process, but it is possible to update the LA at the beginning of the studies, if necessary. 

Erasmus+ students use the Online Learning Agreement (OLA). The OLA is signed digitally by the student and the International Coordinators both at home and host university. 

Other exchange students use a Learning Agreement template by KAMK. The signed learning agreement must be attached to the SoleMOVE application. 

Responsible persons (International Coordinators) for academic guidance and signing the Learning Agreements at KAMK: 

 Business, Tourism, Esports   Ms Kirsi Sievers  kirsi.sievers(at)kamk.fi  
 Sports and Leisure Management  Ms Helka Leimu-Pelkonen  helka.leimu-pelkonen(at)kamk.fi 
 ICT   Mr Tommi Helin tommi.helin(at)kamk.fi  
 Master level students Ms Jaana Lappalainen  jaana.lappalainen(at)kamk.fi  
 Nursing, Social Services Ms Jaana Härkönen  jaana.harkonen(at)kamk.fi  
 Engineering  Ms Kirsi Sievers kirsi.sievers(at)kamk.fi

Studies in Finland

1 Finnish credit (cr) is equal to 1 ECTS credit (ECTS = European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).  This equals to approx. 27 hours of a student's work. For one semester, the recommended amount of credits to complete is 30 ECTS. A student's workload in a full-time study is 1600 hours per academic year, corresponding to 60 ECTS credits.

[Erasmus code or city]

EGRACONS [If applicable]

SF Kajaani05

ECTS grade: National grade (KAMK):
A Excellent = 5
B Very Good = -
C Good = 4, 3
D Satisfactory = 2, 1
E Sufficient = -
FX Fail = 0
F Fail = 0
P= Approved
For grade P, 70% correct answer must be achieved. Grade P equals minimum of grade 3. 




KAMK offers voluntary accident insurance for incoming exchange students. The voluntary accident insurance covers accidents occurring during normal school hours as well as during travel to and from school. It is still highly recommended, that all incoming exchange students have also their own insurance that covers travelling and leisure time, treatment of sudden illnesses as well as possible accidents and accidental death.

For non-EU-students health insurance is one of the basic requirement for obtaining a residence permit for studies. Foreign students must have a health insurance policy that covers the costs of medical care.

Students coming from EU-countries other than the Nordic countries are entitled to use public health care services in acute cases of illness or accidents requiring medical attendance by using the European Health Insurance Card. Students who come from the Nordic countries are required to prove their right to receive medical care by showing their passport, medical insurance card or identification card.

Required Permits

EU-citizens don't need a residence permit to stay in Finland. You must apply for EU registration if you plan to stay in Finland for more than three months without interruption. The registration will be done after arrival at Kajaani. Further information.

Non-EU-citizens who who have a valid residence permit for studies issued by another EU Member State, have the right to carry out part of the studeis in Finland with a Mobility Notification. Read more: https://migri.fi/en/mobility-notification-to-finland

Otherwise, non-EU-citizens need a residence permit for studies in Finland. Students must apply for their first residence permit for study purposes from the Finnish embassy in their home country. Further information.

Please note! If the studies take less than 90 days, you should apply for a visa (unless you come from a visa-free country). 


Article 6.2. of the Constitution of Finland states that no one shall be discriminated against on the basis of age, origin, language, state of health, or disability. The Equality Act (21/20.1.2004) also prohibits discrimination based on (working) conditions and practices. It obligates education providers to take reasonable steps to ensure that people with disabilities have access to education and training. The same principles apply to different types of learners.

You can participate in a student exchange and progress in your studies according to personal study plan, even if you have dyslexia, illness or disability, mental health problems, a different language or cultural background or learning difficulties. If you have any accessibility needs or require special arrangements, please contact KAMK staff.

Double Degree Programme

Complete a part of your studies at KAMK and on graduation, receive two degrees! 
For more information, please contact
Marjo Seppänen / Aino Sanders
Study Affairs Coordinator
Tel. +358 40 654 8471
E-mail: international.office(at)kamk.fi

Meira Kaikkonen
Head of International Affairs
Tel. +358 44 7101 617
Email: international.office(at)kamk.fi