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Applying to Master's Degrees at KAMK

Applying to programmes conducted in English at Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) takes place through a system of online application that is available at the website www.studyinfo.fi. The applicants are expected to fill in the application themselves. There are no application fees. 

An application submitted online is directly received by the admissions office of the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) you have applied to. 

Application Schedule

Joint Application 3 - 17 January 2024

Master's Degrees in

  • International Business Management (part-time)
  • Global Business Management (full-time)
  • Game Business Management (Engineering) (part-time)
  • Game Business Management (Business) (part-time)
  • Game Business Management (Business) (full-time)

Joint application period for studies starting in autumn 2024 will be held on 3 - 17 January 2024


3 January 8:00 am to 17 January 3:00 pm (UTC + 2)
Application period 

24 January 3:00 pm (UTC + 2)
Submit certificates and video task by the deadline

12 February
Instructions for the written exam will be sent by email

31 May
Student selection results published at the latest

11 July 3:00 pm (UTC + 3)
Deadline for accepting a study place

6 August 3:00 pm (UTC + 3)
Admissions from waiting lists end

Studies start in August 2024.

Further information from Studyinfo website.  


Please find the degree programmes' links to Studyinfo below. The detailed eligibility requirements are described at Studyinfo.fi (in admission criteria).

Please also check admissions criteria for information of the selection methods used in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, KAMK.

Master's Degree in International Business Management (part-time)

Master of Business Administration, Game Business Management (part-time)

Master of Business Administration, Game Business Management (full-time)

Master of Engineering, Game Business Management (part-time)

Master's Degree in Global Business Management (full-time)

Applicants must provide appropriate certificates of their studies, work experience (degree certificate, work certificates) and language skills to prove their eligibility within the application period. 

Enclosures to the application
  • To prove your eligibility, please attach the Bachelor's degree certificate to your application in studyinfo.fi. Please make sure to upload the certificate and transcript that give the eligibility to the degree programme. Note! We do not accept provisional certificates.
  • Work certificate(s) to prove the work experience. The minimum requirement regarding work experience is at least two years (24 months) of relevant work experience gained after the bachelor's degree. Note! Employment contracts and pay slips are not valid certificates.
  • A copy of an official Finnish, Swedish or English translation of the certificate must be provided, if the certificate is not written in one of these languages. The translation must have the translator’s signature and stamp.
  • Passport or ID Card
  • English language certificate

Please check further information about selection criteria and required documents from Studyinfo.fi.

Proof of English proficiency

Accepted methods of proving your language proficiency in English:

1. Language tests

  • IELTS Academic: a minimum total score of 6.0 (test sections: listening, reading, writing and speaking). General-level tests are not accepted.
  • TOEFL Academic (iBT): a minimum total score of 60 (test sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing). The scores must be received electronically directly from the test administrator by the deadline. Unofficial score reports sent by applicants will not be accepted. TOEFL code 1563.
  • Pearson PTE Academic: a minimum total score of 55 (test sections: speaking and writing, reading and listening). PTE test scores must be sent via the test administrator´s electronic service.

IELTS Academic, TOEFEL Academic (iBT) and Pearson PTE Academic test results are valid for two years from the date of the test.

2. Other methods of demonstrating language skills

  • An English language test is not required if you have earned a higher education degree taught in English at a university or university of applied sciences in Finland (on bachelor or master level).
  • University degree completed in English in an EU/EEA country, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or the United States while residing in that country (on bachelor or master level).

No other methods of demonstrating English language skills are accepted. Applications without the required proof of language proficiency will be rejected.

Entrace Examination
More detailed selection criteria  as well as entrance examination information can be found from Studyinfo.fi by clicking on the name of the degree and admission criteria. 

Master's Degree in International Business Management (part-time)

Master of Business Administration, Game Business Management (part-time)

Master of Business Administration, Game Business Management (full-time)

Master of Engineering, Game Business Management (part-time)

Master's Degree in Global Business Management (full-time)

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences use the following student selection method:

  • Online written exam
  • Video task

The applicant must pass all phases of the entrance exam in order to be selected for the admission.

Please notice that the result of the entrance examination is not valid if you will be considered as non-eligible during the application process.

Tuition fees
There is tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens starting their studies at KAMK. Read about KAMK's tuition fee policy from https://www.kamk.fi/en/Study-at-KAMK/Tuition-Fee-and-Scholarships
Student Agreement
All non-EU/EEA citizens selected for KAMK English-taught studies leading to a Finnish higher education degree must agree on a KAMK student agreement. The acceptance of the terms and conditions is done in StudyInfo when accepting the study place.
The KAMK Student Agreement applies to students who will start their studies after 1.1.2023.

The agreement applies to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences' tuition fees and scholarships and defines the rights and obligations of all parties and the terms under which a student may receive a scholarship for their studies in the degree programme.

The Student Agreement can be read in whole from KAMK website

Separate Applications

Separate applications

KAMK Separate application to Master´s Degrees, spring 2024, studies starting autumn 2024

Application period 2 - 9 April 2024

Further information about admissions criteria, entrance examination and application attachments from Studyinfo website.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences' use the following student selection method:
The entrance exam:
Online written exam and video task

Results will be published on Studyinfo.fi latest on 02 June 2024.

Master Pathway to Finland offered by Edunation

This one semester Master Pathway to Finland programme provided by our Finnish educational partner Edunation offers applicants from outside of EU/ETA area a convenient and affordable way to gain admission to degree programmes with us. Master Pathway studies will be partly or fully accredited as part of the degree. Upon completing the Master Pathway, you will be given guaranteed access to your pre-selected degree program. Edunation’s qualified teachers will help you to develop your language and academic skills so that you can comfortably start your degree studies. Same time, in collaboration with us, Edunation’s skilled professionals will help you with all the practicalities related to studies and arriving to Finland. Read more on Edunation webpage.

Eligibility for a Master's degree programme at KAMK:

  • A Bachelor’s degree (first-cycle degree) or a similarly appropriate higher education degree including a minimum of 20 ECTS studies in the relevant field (studies in business or studies related to gaming accomplished in a higher education institution)
  • A minimum of 24 months of work experience in a relevant field after completing the higher education degree
  • Successful completion of Edunation Master Pathway Programme.

KAMK Admissions Services
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