ENIHEI Kainuu – project for advancing (deep)technology-based innovative performance

ENIHEI Kainuu aims at enhancing the role of deep tech -based innovation activities in Kainuu by harnessing the European ENIHEI-network (European Network of Innovative Higher Education Institutions.). The ENIHEI-network has 38 members, including Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK), which make up a forum to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences on how higher education can 1) drive innovation, 2) promote an innovative culture and 3) enable creativity, entrepreneurship and talent. The HEIs of the network are appointed by the political authorities.

European Network of Innovative Higher Education Institutions (ENIHEI) | European Education Area (europa.eu)

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The ENIHEI-network focuses on innovation by adopting a bottom-up approach.  The network has already completed its first task by publishing the report with recommendations on innovation in Higher Education Institutions. The report provides ten specific recommendations to the European Commission to be taken into account in the implementation and development of the New European Innovation Agenda in synergy with the European Strategy for Universities. ENIHEI report - recommendations on innovation in European Higher Education | European Education Area (europa.eu). 

In addition to the recommendations, ENIHEI network is taking actions for developing the network itself and its brand. This work is done in different working groups. The ENIHEI Kainuu project is engaged in the groups working around University Living Labs (WG 1), Develop entrepreneurial talent in students (WG 5), and Reinforce the role of universities in regional deep-tech innovation valleys (WG 7). Working in groups aims at advancing capacity building in the ENIHEI Kainuu project.   

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Deep tech innovation has been argued as being at the forefront of a new wave of innovation, which has potential to deliver transformative solutions in the face of global challenges (The New European Innovation Agenda). Consequently, the organizational competences concerning the deep technology (e.g., AI, robotics, advanced manufacturing) are becoming key competitive advantages of the businesses. 
ENIHEI Kainuu project delves deeper into the deep tech competences of the companies embedded in the regional innovation valley. Particularly, the needs of improving deep tech competences and the ways of meeting the needs will be emphasized. 


Co-working with AI 

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Travelling in the 2040 

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University living labs play key roles in the regional innovation valley. They gather enterprises and the students of the regional innovation valleys together to innovate for the better future. ENIHEI Kainuu project seeks inspiration on University Living Labs from the working group one (WG 1) provided by the ENIHEI network. Also, the master’s thesis (work in progress) of the KAMK’s international student will contribute to the theme. 

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Kirsi Meriläinen
Project Manager