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Bachelor's Degree in Esports Business

Be at the front line of the rapidly growing industry! Are you a player but want to deepen your expertise in esports? Do you have what it takes to become a coach? We have all the necessary tools to make you an esports expert in business, coaching and gaming!

To ensure our students are prepared to enter this lucrative, fast-growing field we offer a wide range of courses including marketing, coaching, esports landscape, branding, event management, and contract law. These areas are key elements of the esports industry which enable its continued growth. Hands-on experience is where this degree truly shines. Our students are equipped with resources, time and support to create ventures and build their practical knowledge in real-world environments.

The Esports Business degree is not a player-training course, but rather it provides top-class education in order to become electronic sports business experts. However, many of the students may be ex-players or can continue playing during their studies, and KAMK provides excellent facilities for this purpose. One of the many benefits of being an Esports Business student is having access to the KAMK Esports Facility; a space for members to compete, learn, socialize, and network with their peers. Take a closer look at the facility: 


This programme’s structure is as unique as the industry it represents. Esports cannot simply be taught in a classroom, and for this reason practical hands-on experience, entrepreneurship and networking are vital components of the curriculum. From the moment the studies begin students are presented with a wide range of exciting opportunities including joining our on-site esports organization KAMK.GG or planning campus activities (viewing parties, LAN sessions, etc) within the KAMK Esports Club.

Another valuable component of our Esports Business degree is industry collaboration. We have partnered with the industry's leading brands including Hitmarker, ENCE, Cooler Master, Esports Charts, Monster Energy and more to provide our student-base with expert lectures and practical training opportunities throughout their studies. Take a look at

Read more about the curriculum at KAMK Study Guide.

All non-EU/EEA citizens selected for English-taught studies leading to a Finnish higher education degree must read and approve a Student Agreement before accepting the study place. Click the link KAMK Student Agreement to read the Agreement. The Agreement applies to students who will start their studies after 1.1.2023.

Study places
210 ECTS
3,5 years
Degree Title
Bachelor of Business Administration
Further information
Admissions Office, +358 40 654 8475, admissions(at)
The Esports Business degree provides top-class education in order to become electronic sports business expert.

Application period 4 - 18 January 2023 for studies starting in autumn 2023. Read more about the application process

Entrance Exams
The entrance exams are organized in two phases in February - March 2023. First, written exam is organized in February. Those who pass the written exam online, will be invited to the oral part. The oral part is organized in March. The entrance examination does not contain any pre-reading materials or pretasks. More details on the entrance exams.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences promotes an individualized approach to education, providing its student base with a one-on-one environment where they can develop relationships with both lecturers and peers.  Our facilities' small-town environment allows us to create individualized educational paths that are custom-fitted to students’ future career desires. In the Bachelor's Degree in Esports Business you will specialize in Event Management. However, at KAMK, the School of Business includes degrees in Tourism, Business and Sports allowing you to select courses and modules from other fields as well.

The program will include not only field trips to explore Esports events, but students will also have the opportunity to plan and execute esports events locally. There are esports related activities in KAMK and in Kainuu area that can be tied to studies and gives the student more practical vision of organizing esports events. 

Read more on the content of the studies: Study Guide

As a professional in Esports Business, you can be working for example with developing and managing partnerships and business collaborations (such as advertising, marketing, sponsorhip to name a few). You tasks may also include identifying new products or distribution opportunities, negotiating agreements, sourcing sponsors or do market analyzing, research or financial modeling to help to make the business decisions. Depending on the area of your specialization, you can also coach players and team members or start your own business. 

Graduates with a business degree will be able to apply for a variety of employment positions, from entrepreneurship to working in management roles, project planning and development roles, and sales and marketing positions, all within both the private and public sectors.

The tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens at KAMK is 6 000 euros per academic year. There is no tuition fee for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students. The payment is done at the same time when accepted student confirms his/her study place at KAMK. It is not possible to pay in installments.

On their first year, the students applying through Joint or Separate Application perioid may take advantage of the Early Bird scholarship by accepting their study place offer and paying their tuition fee within two weeks after receiving the letter of acceptance. The early bird scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fee and is directly used to reduce the tuition fee. This means that the student pays 3 000 euros for the first year.

Read about KAMK's tuition fee policy from:

If you have questions regarding the degree program, please contact our admissions office:
tel. +358 40 654 8475
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