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KAMK second best in Finland in terms of size for the third year in a row

9/6/2023 8:31 AM

KAMK offers a wide selection of English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees that provide valuable core knowledge, hands-on experience and networking opportunities in your future industry.

According to the performance indicators of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) was the second most successful university of applied sciences in Finland in 2022. KAMK has continued to be the second most successful for the third year in a row.

KAMK's strengths lie especially in research, development and innovation (RDI) activities, where we are still one of the best in Finland and our ranking has been further strengthened. ”We attracted more than double the share of external RDI funding in relation to our size. KAMK has further increased its R&D and innovation (RDI) performance compared to other higher education institutions. A significant role in this growth has been played by the development work of municipalities, where we have been able to be a development partner. RDI projects with businesses have grown at a more moderate pace. Our role as a growth engine in Kainuu could be further strengthened through RDI cooperation with the business sector," says President Matti Sarén.

In five years, the number of students at KAMK has increased by more than 1,000 and now stands at around 3,500. One of KAMK's strengths is also its wide range of teaching materials for continuous learning, which have attracted a broad range of learners.

"We will continue to deliver results and rank in the top three in the results comparison, as we have done for several years. As a small higher education community, we are delivering big results. This is thanks to our excellent staff and our diverse talent pool, which systematically delivers results in teaching, research and development," says Sarén.

KAMK edunates experts at the bachelor's degree level and also strives to develop its offer according to the needs of the time and the region. The number of master’s degrees offered has grown steadily in the past years, especially those delivered in English. In terms of content and qualifications, UAS master degrees are comparable to Master's degrees at scientific universities.

In 2022, XAMK was the best performer of the Finnish Universities of applied sciences in the comparison of performance indicators. Lapin AMK was fourth, Centria (Kokkola) ninth, Oulu AMK 14th and Savonia 17th. For several years now, the comparison has shown that the size of a higher education institution does not improve performance and student feedback.

"According to the government's programme, new places will be allocated to growth centres. These and the planned cuts in university funding could, at worst, concentrate provision in five large cities in Finland. As this has long been the case, we at KAMK want to promote community-based and human-centred education, which is why we have in recent years brought teaching closer to students to support the development of areas such as Raahe, Kuhmo and Kuusamo," Sarén continues.

An annual performance comparison between universities of applied sciences is carried out by Viivain Oy on the basis of data collected by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The comparison is part of the Osviitta service commissioned by the universities of applied sciences.

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