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Exploring Singapore and Asia as a Market Area - Business Project with our partner, Nanyang Polytechnic

Singapore.pngProject team working in Singapore
12/16/2019 11:00 AM

Asia is an exciting market where many companies are keen to access it. This is also the case for companies in the Kainuu region. KAMK supports local companies’ internationalisation explorations through its English taught degree programs where there is a pool of talented resources from multi-cultural backgrounds along with English and other foreign language competencies. Such projects also provide opportunities for students to have hands-on experience to resolve a real business problem and to develop some basic appreciations of the local environments.

In the most recent case, KAMK’s International Business students have conducted market research of Singapore for a local company. In addition, KAMK also collaborated with its strategic partner in Singapore, NYP to deepen the research through primary data collection onsite in Singapore.

KAMK’s lecturer Ms Ruey Komulainen recently visited NYP to meet the project teams in Singapore. There were two teams with ten motivated students led by a very experienced facilitator. Despite only two weeks since the start of this phase, the teams have already identified some interesting target segments and practical ideas to proceed with their primary market research.  It is pleasing to see their findings are similar to the teams in KAMK who completed the desk research as part of their global marketing course in the Autumn semester. 

The meeting has been fruitful and now the collaboration will continue remotely via technology. The local company is pleased with the progress and possibilities to work with these resources as the arrangement saved thousands of euros if a professional consultant is engaged to complete these basic market research. The conservation of resources are crucial for small companies or start-ups where they could be better spent on other critical developments. 

KAMK welcomes Kainuu SMEs for such collaborations. For more info, please contact: ruey.komulainen(at)kamk.fi