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Digital Degree Certificate for KAMK Graduates

5/3/2021 11:26 AM

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) has introduced the use of digital degree certificates. KAMK is currently the first university of applied sciences to use a digital degree certificate system.
“We will not be providing our students with a printed paper certificate with the digital certificate as other universities of applied sciences do, but we switched directly to a digital certificate.”, explains Maarit Merimaa-Piirainen, Head of Study Affairs at KAMK. 

The digital degree certificate is mentioned in the objectives of the higher education Digivisio 2030 scheme. Thus, KAMK has introduced the use of the digital degree certificate well ahead of schedule. The digital degree certificate provides students with a more secure method of providing proof of qualification than a traditional paper certificate. 

“We had already taken the decision in 2019 to introduce the digital degree certificate at some point. This new model will speed up our filing processes and make it easier to find the required copy of the certificate from our archives. We want to offer our students and graduates as many versatile digital services as possible”, states Matti Sarén, President and CEO of KAMK.

The digital degree certificate is an official certificate, which does not require separate authentication. It can be sent to authorities and employers as an attachment, for example. If the certificate is lost, it is always available digitally in a form equivalent to the original. Printouts of the digital certificate can be made, but only the digital certificate is authenticated and suitable for official purposes. 

Further information: 
Matti Sarén
President and CEO
Tel. 044 7101 600

Maarit Merimaa-Piirainen
Head of Study Affairs 
Tel. 044 7101 618