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Mind mapping is a tool for Writing Aids and analysis. It can be used to clarify relations, summarizing information, structures and connections. It can be used to innovate, analyse thoughts and structure, develop structure, deepen learning, and make notes.

1. Turn your paper sideways. Write the title of the subject in the centre of the page, and draw a circle around it.

2. Select the main themes and basic concepts. For the major subject subheadings, draw lines extending from this circle. Label these lines with the subheadings. Draw a line from the topic to every new concept. Draw the lines from the centre outwards.

3. Continue in the same way. Create sub-centres for sub-themes. If you have another level of information belonging to the sub-headings above, draw these and link them to the subheading lines. Information in one part of the Mind Map may relate to another. Here you can draw lines or arrows to show the cross-linkages. You may put a verb describing the connection on these lines or arrows . This reinforces the structure of the notes. Use colours, figures and symbols to clarify themes, associations, and to make things stand out.