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NOTE! Standard layout of documents is used in working-life document type texts, e.g. reports and records of meetings. Works related to studies at Kajaani Polytech Layout, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Standard layout standards
Briefly put, a standard is a uniform solution intended for a repeated use in similar situations. Standards are applied in order to ensure compatibility, safety and quality, and in order to bring about cost savings. Standards facilitate domestic and international trade. Standards relating to the layout of documents are aimed at ensuring that the required information is in its regular places and that the dimensioning is uniform. This facilitates the usability of documents. SFS-standard is a standard approved by Suomen Standardisoimisliiton SFS ry / Finnish Standards Association.

The basic document structure is defined by the standard SFS 2486, which has been renewed in 2003. The arrangement of text in a document is defined by standard 2487. Below is a summary of standard layout. More information on standards is available on the Finnish Standards Association’s website http://www.sfs.fi.

Font and line spacing
The recommended font size for Internet-based forms is 8 -10 points and for hardcopy forms 6-8 points. The font size for headings and texts to be printed out as hardcopies is 10 – 12 points. The usual line spacing value is 1.

The left margin of the form is 20 mm, the header is 10 mm, and thus the text begins on line 3. Line 3 on the document corresponded to line 1 on the display. In the case of electronic forms, the footer and the right margin are at least 6 mm in width.

Contact details
The sender's contact details are presented in the footer in the following order: mailing address, street address, telephone, fax, e-mail, bank details, and details required by the authorities, e.g. VAT reg. no., business reg. number, and domicile.

Tabs are to be set at intervals of 22.86 mm as follows:

See examle

Word-processing programs often set the tabs at intervals of 23 mm.

Setting tabs: Edit. Tabs.