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Here are the settings of layout applied to research documentation at Kajaani Polytechnic.

Text layout

  • Left margin 4.3 cm, right margin 1 cm
  • Top margin 2 cm, Bottom margin 2.5 cm
  • Line spacing 1.5
  • Page number top right-hand corner
  • Both sides justified

  • Easily readable type of letter (e.g. Times New Roman), point size 12 points

  • No full stop at the end of a heading
  • Main chapter starts from a new page, 8 cm from the top of the page (8 empty lines)
  • Main headings in upper case
  • Two empty lines after the heading
  • Subheadings in lower case
  • Before subheadings two empty lines, after a subheading one empty line

  • Do not number the cover sheet, abstract or table of contents
  • First page of Introduction is not numbered. Numbering starts with second page (page no 2)
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