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Group assessment is a matter assessing the functioning of oneself, others and of the group. Feedback received from others helps the student to know his strength and his development areas, to develop his social skills and his own functioning. Often a member of a peer group is able to give reliable feedback on other members of the group better than the teacher.

In addition to assessing functioning of other members, the team can assess the operation of its team. The functioning of the team can be thought about and assessed using the following themes and questions, for example:

1. Consensus
  • Did the team have common goals??
  • Was the objective clear and did it have the same content for everybody?
  • Were all committed to cooperation?
2. Confidence, care and honesty

  • Did the members of the team trust each other genuinely?
  • How open were the members to each other?
  • Were the members of the team genuinely interested in one another?
3. Appreciation of know-how and its development

  • Was every individual and his know-how appreciated/respected?
  • How were different strengths taken into account?
  • How was know-how developed?
4. Cooperation 

  • Was doing together appreciated?
  • Were the goals of the team members in compliance with the goals of the other members?
  • How were the rules of cooperation observed?

5. Decision-making

  • Was the following meeting and preparations for it agreed upon?
  • How well were the carrying out and monitoring of decisions agreed upon?
  • What kinds of decisions were made and how were they made?
6. Interaction
  • What was the “workplace atmosphere” like?
  • How clearly were matters indicated?
  • How were disagreements dealt with?
  • How well were other members of the team listened to?
7. Working
  • Was the working plan a functioning plan?
  • How well was the team able to keep to the set subject matter?
  • How well was the team able to keep to the set timetable?
  • How was leadership managed?
  • Did everyone contribute to the teamwork?
8. Feedback
  • Will work well done be rewarded or was feedback given on work well done?
  • Was constructive criticism given?