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Every member of the team has his own impact on cooperation. However, the key person is the team leader.

Leadership affects the functioning of the team. Among the foremost tasks of the team leader is to get the team to work as a team in a target-oriented manner. At the forming stage of the team the team leader has an important role in supporting the creation of an atmosphere of openness and a sense of security. The team leader should as far as possible endeavour to foster the increase of self-confidence on the part of every team member and the commitment of the team to its goals and objectives. The responsibilities of the team leader include steering, follow-up and supervision of the team.

Foremost tasks of the team leader: 

  • Organising of functioning
  • Planning of work
  • Chairing of meetings
  • Leadership in decision-making processes
  • Interacting with all members
  • Activating and encouraging members
  • Helping of team in agreeing on objectives and action modes
  • Ensuring progress of work
  • Attending to schedules
  • Preventing conflicts
  • Monitoring of functional processes and group dynamics

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