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Supervising Teacher
Project Group
Project Manager

Supervising teacher = a stimulator, resource of learning and consult

  • Chooses members for the project group
  • Names a project manager
  • Decides with employer about starting, discontinuing and finishing the project
  • Is responsible for tutoring the learning process, information processing ( integrating theory with practice), resources, attending and group dynamics
  • Determines learning goals with each student and gives instructions to theory reading, choosing topic and essay writing
  • Motivates students
  • Supports learning and development by constructive feedback
  • Helps analysing and reflective learning
  • Supports working, acts as an expert when needed
  • Creates a safe learning environment, arranges facilities
  • Supports working of each individual and the group
  • Promotes the team work
  • Identifies problems and assists in solving them
  • Participates in evaluation with the project team and employer/client

Client = An expert in working life

  • Provides project group with information of the company
  • Sets objectives and needs with the project manager
  • Follows the project and it’s progress
  • Gives feedback about working and progress
  • Participates in evaluating the project

Project group

A student is not an expert or a professional but learning an expert’s tasks. The knowledge and skills of students should not be underestimated. A student may have more knowledge than other participants in some areas. The aim of a learning project is to integrate high level theory with practical knowledge and support the student’s professional development.

Each member of the project work

  • Is responsible for his/her own commitment
  • Is responsible for effects of his participation in progress of the group and for the atmosphere
  • Gives feedback and receives it
  • Participates actively and is responsible to the working in the team
  • Promotes team working
  • Is responsible for his/her learning and achieving goals
  • Supports other members of the group
  • Follows actively communication and progress
  • Participates in writing project plan, particularly in his own task description
  • Takes care of his task carefully
  • Informs others about the progress of his own work
  • Is responsible for accomplishing given tasks
  • Attempts to document the results
  • Participates in evaluation of the work and group, makes a self evaluation

Project Manager

  • Responsible for the project wholeness
  • Responsible for the drawing up of the project plan
  • Launches project group’s functioning
  • Leads the functioning of the group and is responsible for both economy and reaching of objectives
  • Lead the implementation of the project, division of tasks, and progress of the work
  • Steers the progress of the project in the direction of the objectives
  • Makes use of the project group in an efficient way
  • Supervises and sees to the timely progress of the project
  • Responsible for information dissemination
  • Attends to necessary training
  • Convenes meetings of the Steering Group and acts as the presenter at these meetings
  • Responsible for the assessment and documentation of the project
  • Formulates the project’s final report