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The progress of the project is put together in the form of a project “binder”. The compiling of this project binder begins immediately as the project is launched. In projects involving several persons, the project manager is responsible for keeping the project binder up to date.

It is a good practice to collect all material related to the project in a work binder. When the project is over, this work binder will be used in compiling the project binder, which is a systematic and tidied-up version of the lifespan of the project to be passed on. Project participants will agree with their supervising teacher as to the scope the project binder.

The following is an example of the contents of a project binder:

The project report provides an assessment of the group’s functioning and learning (see team assessment). Moreover, every project group member can assess his/her own learning.

All the documents related to the project will be finalised and then archived at the end of the project. The project secretary collects the material related to the project. The supervising teacher retains the project binders and results with due consideration of their confidentiality. Public projects will be made available for all students to view and new students can acquaint themselves with these and learn from them.