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How do I set my objectives? How high do I set them? When thinking about the objectives of a learning project, the following are worth considering:

1. Own abilities and charting of know-how
What is my starting level? What do I know? What can I do?

2. Charting of learning contents and know-how
What do I want to learn and know how to do?

3. Consideration of reasons.
Why do I want to learn? How can I benefit from what I have learned?

4. Specification of my own resources and strategies
What are my strengths available to me? What do I intend to learn?

5. “Measuring” reaching of objectives
How can I assess or show that I have reached my objective?

The objectives of learning projects can be connected to the management and understanding of information. However, objectives are not only mental; objectives can also be connected to application, i.e. to skills, attitudes or values. Generally, objectives contain more than one of the aforementioned objective types. (Vesterinen, 2002.)