Toolbox for Project Learning

One working-life-based form of learning offered at Kajaani Polytechnic is learning projects. The term ”learning project” refers to a form of learning whereby teams of students perform a process-like research undertaking, survey or other such undertaking as an assignment for a working-life organisation (Kaartinen-Koutaniemi, 2001). Learning projects are carried out in keen cooperation with the polytechnic and working-life organisations.

Toolbox for Project Learning is a website developed to support project learning. The toolbox is divided into four parts:  Project Tools, Team Tools, Writing Tools, and Learning Process Tools. The various parts include instructions, document templates, and examples of the partial areas of project learning.

User instructions: You can navigate the site as you wish using items on the left, and the links embedded within the text.

Rewarding moments with Learning Projects and welcome to Toolbox!

Toolbox was produced in connection with the ESF-funded “Asiantuntijatehtävissä oppien” project. The European Community has supported the project. 

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