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Leading Development in Finnish Esports; KAMK and KOVA Collaboration

6/24/2021 12:00 PM

KOVA and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences will begin their long-term co-operation during the summer months, which strengthens the position of both actors as leading players in the field. 

KOVA Esports is a Finnish esports organization that has teams in CS:GO, League of Legends, iracing, Starcraft 2, Runeterra, Farming Simulator, NHL and R6 games. From the beginning, KOVA Esports aimed to develop and improve the Finnish esports scene while setting its sights on the global market. 

Now the organization strives to become even more involved in the growth of the future esports generation by starting cooperation with Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK). For several years, KAMK has been ranked the best university of applied sciences in Finland. The Bachelor’s Degree in Esports Business is among the first full bachelor’s degrees in the world to focus entirely on the business landscape of esports.
“The work done at KAMK is of an extremely high standard, and we want to be involved in building a player path from secondary to university studies and ultimately to success in the industry as a player or business professional.”, comments Matti Orava, KOVA's Partnership Manager. 

“We aim for a global audience as well as international success in games, and we think it is cool that we have a partner from Kainuu who also looks at the world”, Orava continues. 

The program at KAMK leads to a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and provides a valuable skill-set and networking opportunities to find employment in esports, for example as a coach or team manager. KAMK also has a wide range of international partner universities in Esports Business including Shenandoah University in the USA which provide the opportunity for students to partake in exchange semesters to broaden their knowledge into new regions.

The Esports Business degree aroused widespread interest since its inception and has gathered a multicultural group of students from 17 different countries. “We have had a unique position in being the first to bring three top degrees to Finland: Game development, From Data to Artificial Intelligence (IAMAI) and Esports Business”, says Kirsi Sievers, Head of English-taught Bachelor Degrees at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. 

Esports Business is a popular degree and only the top applicants are admitted yearly. We are looking for extensive cooperation with various actors locally and internationally to improve our Esports offerings and create additional opportunities for our student-base through with a diverse expertise. 

A leading position also includes responsibility and paying it forward. With the new collaboration, KAMK and KOVA will join forces with industry sustainability, future employment and knowledge-sharing as the spearheads. The co-operation, which will be well under way in the autumn, will also offer KAMK students the opportunity to complete their study-related practical training within the KOVA Esports organization. KOVA, which has previously employed several trainees, wants to be an organization that offers students a place to develop working life skills in the field. 

The autumn semester will also see an international CS:GO tournament organized by KOVA and KAMK, so stay tuned for more details regarding this in the upcoming months!
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Matti Orava, Sales Manager

Kirsi Sievers, Head of Bachelor's Degree in Esports Business