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5/11/2018 12:47 PM

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences launches fundraising challenge

OP Kainuu, OP Kuhmo and OP Ylä-Kainuu banks are donating 100 000 euros in total and challenge other companies and organisations to join the campaign.
Kainuu based financial service providers, the OP Kainuu Bank, OP Kuhmo Bank and the OP Ylä-Kainuu Bank have decided to donate the combined sum of 100 000 euros to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.
In its strategy, OP’s mission statement affirms that the cooperative bank exists for the benefit of its customers and its region of operation. The OP Financial Group promotes sustainable prosperity, security and wellbeing for the whole operational envi-ronment. Integrity and success through cooperation are the values that guide its operations.

The donation to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is a concrete example of how the customer-owned bank puts its social responsibility, values and mission into practice. As representatives from the respective banks explain, for the region of Kainuu to succeed, it is crucially important to maintain and develop high-level expertise and intellectual capital.

With this donation, we want to support the sustainable work that Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Oy carries out for the good of Kainuu and the university’s success in the future. We hope that this gift will also contribute to ensuring the continued availability of higher education in Kajaani and Kainuu. The cooperative banks are encouraging all members of the Kainuu busi-ness community and other organisations to join Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Oy’s campaign. 

“The donation is a very significant acknowledgement of the work we have done to bring experts and expertise to the Kainuu region,” declares KAMK president and CEO, Matti Sarén. “Our region’s OP cooperative banks have courageously opened the campaign. We humbly accept this donation but also with pride. OP is an important and excellent partner for our university of applied sciences,” says Sarén. 

At Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, the funds raised will be channelled into developing the entrepreneurial compe-tence of students, supporting innovation and business activities and promoting the vitality of the university. The acquired funds will also be used for developing company collaboration, the career and recruitment pathway, international degrees and teaching and research infrastructure. “This donation will enable development and openings that we need to guarantee the success of our region and innovation creation,” continues Sarén.  

Following a change in legislation, universities of applied sciences are now entitled to collect funds to support their operations. The government has earmarked 24 million euros for the year 2018 to capitalise universities of applied sciences.  Government subsidies will be allocated in proportion to the private capital acquired by the universities of applied sciences, and for this reason the benefits of donations accepted by 31.12.2018 will multiply. The fundraising license came into force at the end of February and will be valid until the end of 2019. Consequently, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences’ fundraising campaign will continue next year.  

Donations are gratuitous, but it is possible to target a specific field of education when the donation exceeds 10 000 euros. Donations of more than 850 euros can be deducted from income tax.


More information: 
Matti Sarén
President and CEO
+358 44 7101 600