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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) to implement a national mission: New Artificial Intelligence degree to begin

3/21/2019 1:00 PM

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) has been assigned with a significant national task to develop a supercomputer environment enabling the development of artificial intelligence applications in Finland. The Ministry of Education and Culture has granted KAMK EUR 510 000 for this purpose. The funding will be used to create a national supercomputer research, development and innovation hub in cooperation with companies. Charging KAMK with this mission was specifically supported by the University of Helsinki and VTT, which form the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence, as well as the University of Oulu and CSC Scientific Computing.

According to the CEO and President of KAMK, Matti Sarén, “It is significant that KAMK has been charged with implementing a national mission focusing on promoting artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in Finland. This indicates that our long-term work with data center services, virtual reality and game technology has been noticed. As a result, we can continue to develop our expertise in technologies that will shape society most significantly in the coming years. This funding supports the launch of Finland's first and only degree in artificial intelligence.” 

The supercomputing hub will be developed in close cooperation with CSC, whose previous supercomputer is now used by KAMK students. The supercomputer and KAMK's expertise provide Kainuu companies and national partners with easy access to artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for use in their own projects.

During this spring’s second joint application period, 20.3-3.4.2019, it is possible to apply for the first ever From Data to Artificial Intelligence degree, leading to a Bachelor of Engineering qualification. This degree is taught in Finnish and it enables students to become professionals in the areas of scientific computing, artificial intelligence and data. Such professional expertise can be applied for example in the fields of business and commerce, health care, tourism and different sectors of industry. Knowledge of artificial intelligence is highly sought after in the job market.

For more information contact:
Matti Sarén
CEO and President of KAMK
+358 44 7101 600