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KAMK's Christmas donation to Saappaan tuki ry

12/12/2023 1:37 PM

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences will donate the Christmas card money, 2000 euros, this year to Saappaan tuki ry for Kajaani activities. The service operation Saapas is part of the youth work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and is coordinated by the Children and Youth Centre of Finland. 

Saapas works close to young people, helping and supporting them in various everyday situations. Many volunteers are also involved. 

"Supporting young people is an important task. With our donation, we want to be involved in supporting the important work of Saapas. It is an example of effective volunteering that supports the inclusion of young people in our society. With this small gift, we want to remember the activities and bring Christmas cheer especially to young people and the volunteers who work with them", says Matti Sarén, President, CEO of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. 

The Christmas donation was presented on behalf of KAMK by President, CEO Matti Sarén on 8.12.2023. The donation was received by Tarja Vehkaoja. 

"A warm thank you for your donation! The Saapas activities have recently expanded enormously. We are especially active in secondary schools, events and social media platforms, as well as in helping young people in crisis situations. The heart of Saapas is our volunteers, who need more training and refreshment to keep going. Today, anyone as young as 16 can join the Saapas volunteer training programme. This support for our work is much needed," says Tarja Vehkaoja. 

The scope of the Saapas is broad. KouluSaapas is particularly active in secondary schools, providing snacks and adding safe adults to the school environment. The KatuSaappas car meets people under 30 and provides assistance at youth gathering places when needed. FestariSaapas will go to major events and NettiSaapas will go to the online platforms favoured by young people. In the event of a crisis affecting young people, Saapas is also an agile mobiliser in acute situations. In addition to outreach, the Saapas Café, located next to the Koskiportti Neste, reaches young people on Saturday and Sunday evenings.  

For several years now, the money reserved for KAMK's Christmas cards has been allocated to support local activities in various forms. 
KAMK wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024. 

For more information: 

President, CEO Matti Sarén 
p. 044 7101 600