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KAMK released a unique electronic sports testing and training game

10/11/2018 10:11 AM

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) has released the PlayTopFrag testing and training game that allows players to evaluate their ability as a competitive player. The first version of the game is targeted at millions of CS:GO, or Counter Strike: Global Offensive players, who want to develop their skills, become noticed and selected for teams.

The field of electronic sports is growing enormously and involves millions of dollars. However, no method has existed anywhere in the world for players and team managers to compare players’ skills with each other and with international top players. At the same time, there has been a lack of professional tools to develop player skills on the one hand and on the other, to coach players. The game developed by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is the first of its kind and offers unprecedented opportunities to standardize electronic sports training and practice.

“This is a completely new and unique testing and training system in the world of electronic sports,” says Project Manager Kyösti Koskela of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. The game tests and develops the characteristics of competing and amateur players. It also includes an interesting comparison feature that allows players to compare their own performance with others. This feature can also be used for recruiting players.

The game has been developed in collaboration with psychologist Mia Stellberg who specializes in sports psy-chology and has been working with esports for several years. For example, Stellberg has worked as a mental training consultant and coach and has been responsible for mentally coaching the top esports team, Astralis. Mia has developed PlayTopFrag's test features from her own perspective and has built a professional tool for developing and evaluating players in collaboration with KAMK.

“This game offers many young people a good way of discovering whether they could play esports professionally.” says Mia. "The game gives feedback and can help players to keep track of their progress”. It is also an excellent coaching tool.

PlayTopFrag works like a game where players can use different fields to assess their skills. It uses different tasks to evaluate the players' essential skills such as reaction ability, hit rate, colour vision, stereopsis (3D vision), memory and hearing. In addition, psychological characteristics are emphasised.

“I consider this game to be very important, because it also contributes to the standardization of e-sports," says Miia.

The game has now been published in international Steam and costs USD 9.90.

PlayTopFrag is the first game KAMK has published through Steam. A 10-person team from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences has been involved in developing the game over a period of approximately one year. The game is primarily aimed at CS:GO players, but this testing method can be adjusted to suit other games. The name PlayTopFrag originates from gaming slang ‘topfrag’, which means the player located at the top of the leaderboard.

Read more: www.playtopfrag.com

Further information:
Mia Stellberg
Tel + 358 40 700 9068

Kimmo Nikkanen
Head of School (Information Systems)
Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
Tel + 358 44 710 1409

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