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KAMK Tackling the Coronavirus with a Supercomputer

3/26/2020 12:00 PM

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences has harnessed it’s supercomputer to solve a challenge concerning medical treatment of coronavirus together with Stanford University School of Medicine. The international project Folding@home searches for solutions for medical treatment concerning the molecular structure of coronavirus. The project models the surface structure of the virus and folding of its proteins. Understanding of the dynamics of the structure enables the development of a highly spesific drug.
Juha ”Hulis” Hauhia who works for Kajaani University of Applied Sciences ”From data to AI” engineering program has brought part of this puzzle to be solved with the supercomputer in Vimpelinlaakso. ”We harnessed 70 data computing units (Nvidia Tesla K40) of our Bull-supercomputer for Folding@home computation. This means about 200 000 cuda cores” says Juha Hauhia. Cuda cores are prosessors that can perform computation in parallel, thus speeding up the processing of information needed for the medical treatment of the virus.
”In this situation we will do everything to find a cure for the virus. Even the smallest help we can offer to thwart the virus is important to us” says the President Matti Sarén.
In the future more and more challenges in product development can be solved by high performance computing. In this case for example the aerodynamics of a car could be developed as a part of an industrial design instead of building wind tunnels and models. This speeds up and enhances finding new innovations. High performance computing also makes the invisible visible and speeds up molecular simulations and development of drugs. Simulations can help to reduce for example animal testing.
”KAMK is one of the only universities in Europe that has a supercomputer administered by students. It is remarkable that we can be a part of such global projects through our students, our knowledge and equipment” says President Matti Sarén.
Read more about the international Folding@home project at https://foldingathome.org/

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