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KAMK - China cooperation in mining education begins

5/14/2019 3:00 PM

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences’ (KAMK) goal is to set up international cooperation within each of its schools of education. Therefore, cooperation negotiations with China’s leading mining universities have been taking place for about one year. The Shandong University of Technology, located as far from the capital of China as Kajaani is from Helsinki, is one of the universities providing mining engineering training in China.

Directors of the Shandong University of Technology, led by Board Chairman, Mr Lyu Chuanyi, visited KAMK on Friday, May 10th, 2019. During this visit, a co-operation agreement between Shandong University of Technology and KAMK was signed. In fact, the first cooperation measures are already underway. Next summer, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences will host an international summer school for mining engineering students with Lapland University of Applied Sciences. A total of 25 mining students from around the world will attend the summer school, including six students from Shandong University of Technology.

“China is a great opportunity for KAMK, both in terms of education, and research and development activity. Through international cooperation, KAMK will be able to grow its expertise and new student intake in Kainuu and, in due course, the number of new employees for the business community. The opportunity to build mining education cooperation with China's leading mining universities will enable us to implement our educational and regional development tasks according to the needs of the mining industry, even as our own student cohorts decrease,” rejoices President of KAMK, Matti Sarén.

In addition to the Chairman of the Board of Shandong University of Technology Mr Lyu Chuanyi, the five-person delegation visiting Kajaani University of Applied Sciences included the deans and directors of the Schools of Mining, Business and Innovation and Culture and a representative of the School of International Education. Matti Sarén, president of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences visited Shandong University of Technology with Senior Lecturer Risto Oikarinen, and Lauri Saarelainen, Mining Lecturer at Lapland University of Applied Sciences, in November 2018. 

During the visit, the representatives of Shandong University of Technology were introduced to the activities of both Lapland and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. In addition, a co-operation agreement was signed at KAMK at a media event which started at 10 am, and in the afternoon the guests were acquainted with mining education and R&D at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. The visit ended on Friday evening with a dinner hosted by the City of Kajaani.

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