Commissioning (use of thesis for specific purposes at work)

When a thesis is commissioned, the partners involved in the scheme should make a written agreement (e.g. student and commissioning party) using the Commissioning Agreement and Standard Conditions before any actual work on the thesis begins.

Theses that are to be used for specific purposes must fulfil at least one of the following conditions:

  1. the student or UAS is paid for the completion of the thesis subject to prior written agreement.
  2. the supervisor appointed for the thesis is a work place representative or from another comparable organisation and this has been agreed in writing prior to starting the thesis
  3. the company/organisation aims to use the outcomes of the thesis from the very beginning in its operations subject to written agreement before work on the thesis starts

When a written agreement has been drawn up and signed the commissioning party will record the event on the Thesis Follow-up Form.