My Career - Jan Dobrovolny


Hello, My name is Jan Teodor Dobrovolny, and I recently graduated from International Business at KAMK. Currently, I work in the company Vumos located in Kajaani. My possition is Marketing and Sales Assistant where we are selling Dust control, and road stabilization products to improve road performance. 

Why KAMK? 

KAMK was one of the first higher education in Europe, if not the first education institution to provide learning experience in esports. Like many other people like me, when I was a kid, I use to spend a lot of time playing various games on the computer. When I saw that there was a school in which I could study this program, I was hooked. Fortunately enough, I was not accepted into the Esport program but into the International Business program. I believe it has opened more doors in the upcoming years to me, when I see it from a retrospective.


What are my responsibilities?

From our small office in Kajaani, we are responsible for the European market, excluding a few countries where other distributors are operating. My main tasks are to take care of our Hungarian customers and look for more potential customers in Hungary and the Baltic countries. Last but not least, I provide marketing ideas, and take care of most social media accounts for the company.

The BEST part of my work?

Even though my job can be stressful at times, I still find it amusing and enjoyable to talk to people from different backgrounds, industries, and with various experiences under their belt. Definitely, the pandemic changed the way how business is executed nowadays as the focus shifted, and I believe that people are not that naturally open to each other. Nevertheless, I enjoy new challenges and working through the process of how to solve them.

Any plans for the future?

Firstly, I would not expect that my life would go in this direction when I first arrived in Finland in 2018 and started my studies the same year. I feel very fortunate to make this decision and for the opportunities along the way. 

In the upcoming week, I will be spending time in Munich, Germany at the Bauma expo. After this event, it is difficult to say what will happen on my journey in a few months or years. But I am enjoying this curved path, and I am curious about where my steps will guide me in the future. 

Jan Teodor Dobrovolny | LinkedIn

Bachelor's Degree in International Business 2022
Vumos Kajaani, Marketing and Sales Assistant