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Please give the exact arrival time that is written on your flight, bus or train ticket.

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The connections and tickets are available here:
Flights from Helsinki to Kajaani:
Trains from Helsinki to Kajaani:
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If you arrive by plane, a taxi will be arranged to wait for you at the airport and a tutoring student will meet you by the accommodation. If you arrive by train / bus, a tutoring student will meet you at the station and helps you to get a taxi to your accommodation. Please be prepared to pay for the taxi yourself.

Please note that if your travelling arrangements change and you don’t inform us, there will be no reception. Please take the mobile phone numbers given below with you when travelling and inform us if your flight is delayed or there are other changes on your arrival time.

There are no blankets or pillows in the rooms of student accommodation!

   I agree to pay for the set (25 Euros) on arrival.
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Please note that all the arrangements are done based on this form. Please inform us about all the changes, thank you.
Contact details: E-mail:, Tel. +358 44 325 0049