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About Hette project

HETTE project (1.1.-31.12.2014) is KUAS project for combining knowledge of Health, Technology & Business proficiency areas of school.

Project has following main tasks:

  1. Researching Business potential of Health Games. KUAS BBA students are participating in research. 
  2. Developing and researching Health Games:
    1. Developing My Life - Elamanipeli game. My Life is a game to support the life management skills of 16 – 19 year old persons. Game is developed by talented team of KUAS game development and health care students
    2. Researching usability of Sparx game in Finland. Sparx game is a fantasy role-playing game designed by the University of Auckland to teach young people with depression how to manage and overcome their condition.
  3. Applying funds for new health game project ideas, doing publications and networking with other players in the field of games for health.
  4. Organizing Health Game Competition: KAMK Health Game Award 2014. KUAS Sports and BBA students are working with competition’s marketing campaing.


HETTE project is funded by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.



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