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Master's Degree in International Business Management

The Master´s Degree in International Business Management is aimed at staff of growth and internationalisation oriented organisations, or organisations that already engage in international operations or at persons seeking employment in such organisations. The degree’s learning objectives and contents focus on strategic management, research and development methods, global economic issues, international business and the use of new technologies in business.  

The degree is a Master’s level (second-cycle) qualification of 90 credits in total. It takes approximately two years to complete as it is a part-time programme. The degree consists of blended studies accomplished while working. All of the course assignments and the research based development assignment (Master’s thesis) are completed on behalf of the organisation that has commissioned them.

The Master´s degree  consists of online lectures, e-learning, independent learning, group work, discussions and assignments. Each semester will start with an intensive week in Kajaani, otherwise the studies will be completed via e-learning environments (online, distance learning). 

The online lectures are delivered every or every second week, one evening per week. The assignments for each study module are based on a theoretical framework which is then applied to develop the practices and activities of your work place / organization. A part of the studies will be completed in collaboration with our international partner universities, either in Kajaani or abroad. 


Read more about the content of the studies: Study Guide


90 credits
2 years (part-time)
Master of Business Administration
Admissions Services tel. +358 44 7101 229,
Part-Time Studies (mostly online)
Application for the English-taught degree programmes in Finnish higher education institutions are submitted online through the joint application system at during the application period. Application period for studies starting in autumn 2020 takes place on 8 - 22 January 2020.

The entrance exam will be held on 24 April 2019 at 9:00 at KAMK in Kajaani, Finland.

For international students, the Master´s Degree in International Business Management arranges entrance exam in cooperation with the FINNIPS network.

All applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility will be invited to the entrance examinations by email.

The entrance exam consists of two parts: written part and interview. Both written and oral English language skills are tested in the examination.
There is no pre-reading material for the exam. 
The applicants must pass all exam parts to be selected for admission.
Note: entrance examination results from other UAS will not be accepted.

The tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens at KAMK is 6000 euros per academic year (both Bachelor's degrees and Master's degrees). There is no tuition fee for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students. The payment for the first year is done at the same time when accepted student confirms his/her study place at KAMK. 

In addition to the tuition fee, the students must pay for their study materials and for their own living costs. The average monthly living expenses for a student living in Finland are approximately 700 – 900 euros. This may vary depending on personal circumstances. When applying for a residence permit in Finland, non-EU/EEA nationals need to demonstrate that they have at least 560 euros per month at their disposal – in addition to the tuition fee.

For the following study years, the tuition fee must be paid in May yearly. The students will be able to apply for a scholarship of 3000 euros / academic year from their second year onwards, provided that they accomplish a minimum of 55 credits per academic year on Bachelor level or 45 credits on Master level. The scholarships are allocated by application only.

Eligibility for a Master’s degree programme at KAMK is conferred by:

- a Bachelor’s degree or another appropriate higher education degree (a minimum of 20 credits of business studies accomplished in a higher education insitution are required).  However, applicants lacking the required business studies but with work experience in demanding specialist posts or managerial/leadership posts can be considered to have achieved the required 20 credits of business studies accomplished in a higher education insitution.

- at least three years of subsequent work experience in a relevant field. In order to be eligible, applicants must have 36 months (three years) of work experience in the field of business and commerce accumulated as from the date of award of the final degree certificate and obtained no later than 31 July 2019

Sufficient English language skills are also required for degree programmes conducted in English.

Work experience is given in full months. When converting part-time work (work under 35 hours per week) into its full-time equivalent, 150 hours or 20 working days lasting at least 7 hours per day cor-respond to one month of work. Work experience does not have to be continuous or obtained with the same employer. The amount of work experience points awarded for simultaneous employment relationships may not exceed the amount awarded for full-time employment.

Entrepreneurship will be accepted as work experience if an applicant can produce a certificate attesting that he or she is or has been covered under the statutory YEL or MYEL pension scheme. (YEL = statutory pension scheme for entrepreneurs; MYEL = statutory pension scheme for farmers, forest estate owners, fishers and reindeer herders and their family members). Enterprising activities abroad should be substantiated with comparable official documents.

Application procedure: 
KAMK Admissions Office
Ms Sari Suvela
email. admissions(at) 

Programme content:
Head of the Master Programme
Ms Jaana Lappalainen
email. jaana.lappalainen(at)