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Information about Coronavirus

Website created on 03/20, last update 30.8.2021 (Indoor sports facilities are closed)

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) is actively following the development of the coronavirus situation. In our operations, we follow the recommendations and instructions of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Ministry of Foreign AffairsRegional State Administrative Agencies (AVI) and other authorities. Please follow the latest and updated information given by the Finnish officials regularly .

As the epidemic changes, the guidelines may need to be changed quickly. New instructions are always notified by e-mail.

Please follow our safety instructions

KAMK's students, staff and stakeholders are effectively protected from infection. Therefore, we follow common safety guidelines:

  • come to campus only completely healthy
  • wear protective equipment (face mask or vizier) 
  • keep the safety distances
  • take care of good hand hygiene
  • download the Corona app

If you are feeling any kind of symptoms of Covid-19 and suspect infection, COVID test needs to be booked immediately by calling +358 40 165 002. Test is taken in Kajaani, in Cent­ral Hos­pi­tal (dri­ve in test) and you will receive the test result by SMS. Tes­ting is free of char­ge (in ar­ri­val test or acu­te ill­ness). Avoid all social contacts while waiting for your test / test results.

Latest Instructions


Starting the New Academic Year 2021-2022

All, full-time international degree programs will start in Kajaani as planned.

First year students will start on August 24, 2021 with orientation. Continuing students (second year onwards) will start studies on August 30, 2021 in accordance with the syllabus. We expect everyone to start and continue their studies on campus in Kajaani. Fully online teaching is organized only for those first-year international students unable to travel to Kajaani because of residence permit delays.

Programs based on e-learning, such as the master’s degree programs, are implemented as planned as e-learning.

We study safely
The safe implementation of contact teaching is a important task for all of us. If you are travelling to Finland, please remember to obey all safety precautions given by Finnish authorities. The safety precautions depends on the situation of your departure country, vaccination and previous tests so please check the detailed instructions for travelling to Finland from THL’s website.

The City of Kajaani wants to speed up vaccinations by offering corona vaccinations to people studying at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences without an appointment. KAMK's Pop up vaccinations will be held on the Kajaani campus.  More information about vaccinations has been sent by email.

Pop up vaccination is also available for international students. 

Please note, at the beginning of the semester, we strongly recommend that you wear face mask whenever you are indoors on campus. On our campus, it is possible to move around, and study keep safety distances. Washing hands and using hand sanitizers is important part of everyday life.

If you cannot use the protector or if you belong to a risk group for serious coronavirus disease (see risk groups on THL's website), contact the student services (opintotoimisto@kamk.fi) to agree on possible special arrangements. You must have a medical certificate to belong to a risk group. 

Procedures for coronary suspicion and exposure 

If you receive a notification of exposure (infection tracing or koronavilkku app), follow the instructions you receive. Quick action is an effective way to prevent further infections. 
If you feel ill, leave the campus immediately and do a symptom survey. You can make a symptom survey at www.omaolo.fi or call the emergency number 116 117, where you can get additional instructions when applying for a test. If necessary, attend public health coronatesting. Student health services FSHS does not perform corona tests. For all corona care, consult public health care. 
While waiting for the test result, you will stay in distance learning. If the test result indicates that you have coronavirus, report your absence to your teacher tutor. He will give you instructions on how to attend the courses you can take remotely. 


KAMK's services for students

The study office serves remotely. All contacts are requested to be made either by email or telephone. Visits to the study office can be agreed separately on a case-by-case basis.
Administrative services operate remotely, as they have so far.
The KamIT service point serves normally on weekdays (8.30 - 11.00 and 12.00 - 15.00), transactions at the service point one customer at a time.

(Update 30.8.2021) Indoor sports facilities will be closed until further notice. The restriction also applies to KAMK's campus sports facilities and sport hall, open groups, teaching and KaMove groups. Exercise and coaching exercises can continue outdoors, as appropriate.