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Summer Studies in eSports

Join the Nordic eSports Academy Bootcamp at KAMK in summer 2017! We offer a one of a kind, life-changing eSports bootcamp never seen before in Finland including 4 weeks of training by leading Finnish & International industry experts. The objective of the Summer School is to improve the students' overall knowledge of the eSports industry and improve their game playing skills towards professional level. To award ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, Universities) credits that can be credited towards students higher education. 

Duration of Studies 12 June - 6 July 2017, 10 ECTS 
Target group eSports amateur gamers interested to become professional eSports athletes, age 18-30
Teaching Language  English (can be offered partly in Finnish for Finnish-speakers)

150 eur registration fee for the Bootcamp +
100 eur registration fee for the Tournament

Accommodation: 130 eur / person in shared rooms

Catering not included

Participants  min. 80, max 100
Registration  opens on 3 April 2017: Registration form
  The course is offered in the open university of applied sciences and can be accredited as part of your studies at your home university. Negotiate any possible studies to be accredited and the student financial aid for summer with your own university in advance.


Nordic eSports Academy Bootcamp 2017

The four-week bootcamp includes game play coaching, eSports business coaching, physical wellness coaching, mental wellness coaching, advanced player testing & analysis and is worth 10 ECTS. The content of the bootcamp is:

  • Gameplay: The purpose of Gameplay coaching is to help participants improve their overall performance of the games played. Participants will be able to play the games of their choice but the focus of the coaching will be on CS:GO for the first year. It offers the chance to meet people in person as well as to form teams and enjoy team games both casually and competitive.
  • Business Coaching: This module will be divided into lectures and workshops with the purpose of helping participants understand the business aspect of the gaming world. This is broken down into all work related to gaming as well as actual gaming: Working as a game developer , Working as a professional player , Working as a content creator , Offering in-game services to other players (where allowed) , Creating products for gamers (gaming equipment, third party programs), Creating products for games (mods, collectibles)
  • Physical Coaching: The main purpose of physical coaching is to provide participants with a comprehension on how physical health can improve their gaming skills as being in a good physical condition is a key to improving player's overall performance. The course is divided into lectures and training sessions in which the participants will have the opportunity to verify their physical conditions and reflexes. Within training sessions, participants will receive: Fitness trainings, Outdoors training programmes, Indoors trainig programmes.
  • Mental Coaching: The purpose of mental coaching is to help participants understand the impact of gaming on mental health. The program will include lecturing and workshops aimed towards: Understanding mental health, Understanding the impact of gaming on mental health (excitement, anger, relaxation), Understanding gaming addiction, Gaming and stress, Social interactions, Building trust. Participants will be encouraged to self-reflect on the topics. During workshop hours, activities will help them to socialize and interact with fellow participants outside games.
  • Gamer Testing: At this module participants will be able to measure their skills with a set of tests put together in a similar manner as in other sports. These tests are commonly used to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of individuals. The tests focus on: Eye-hand coordination, Perception, Accuracy, Speed, Sense of surroundings.


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We will help you to find a furnished room on campus - the easiest option is to stay in a dormitory run by the Vocational College KAO. The price for the period 11.06 – 10.07 is 130 € / person in shared rooms (2 people per room). Participants should bring their own bedding (sleeping bag/duvet, pillow & sheet) or buy them locally (e.g. at Jysk for approximately 30€).



Contact Information

Community Manager Niklas Pehkonen, niklas.pehkonen(at)


Kajaani University of Applied Sciences will launch a Bachelor's Degree in eSports Business in autumn 2018.