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The thesis is linked to the student’s own field, its practices and the development of field-specific practices and procedures. The thesis process improves the author’s creativity, problem solving abilities and critical thinking. The aim of the thesis is to develop and demonstrate the student’s ability to adapt their knowledge and skills in expert positions related to their studies.

For the student, working on the thesis is a learning process that promotes the development of the student’s expertise. 
During the thesis process, the student deepens his / her professional competence, working life skills and comprehensive understanding of working life phenomena. The student should be acquainted with existing research and practices in his/her field of study and be able to utilize and argue the use of these in the implementation of the research or development section of their study. The student must apply the general ethical principles of research in their work.

The objective of the thesis is to facilitate the student’s transition from studying to working life, and to deepen the collaboration between the university of applied sciences and working life in a way that benefits all three parties (student, working life, UAS).

The thesis can be accomplished in the form of project work, research work or applied research and it is worth 15 credits. The thesis process consists of getting familiar with the chosen topic, completing the study / research and writing the report. During the process, the students demonstrate their ability to work in expert and managerial positions in their field and competence in composing a work plan and following schedules. In addition, the student will contact different operative parties, search for information independently and analyze the data critically. The student is also able to document the working process and show an understanding of the customs of written reporting and oral presentation of study results.

After finishing the thesis, students write a maturity test. It demonstrates the student's language skills and how familiar he/she is with the chosen subject of his/her thesis. Finnish students write the maturity test in Finnish and foreign students in English. 

When you start writing your thesis, fill in a Thesis follow-up form from Intranet to get started. After filling in the form, all required forms will be available at the bottom of the form.

The instructions for writing the thesis.

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