• Informs and describes
  • Assesses and discusses
  • Analyses and gives illustrative examples

Writing essays means expressing issues in an interesting way from a personal point of view. It is important to plan your essay. The introduction and the ending must fit together.

The format of an essay follows the format of a research report. It includes the following:

  • Title and content
  • Introduction and body
  • Conclusions and references

Different essays have different purposes. An essay can be used to present information, to develop thinking, to form different points of view and create new ideas. An essay – in contrast to reports and summaries- is a personal text.

Recognize the difference between term essays and exam essays!

Exam Essay

An exam essay is an answer to the given question presented in prose form. The content of the essay is constructed of the facts related to the question.

An exam essay is well-structured and logical. The text is illustrative. The paragraphs are structured with each sentence serving a distinct purpose. Paragraphs do not contain lists.

Term Essay

= Demanding and appreciated personal assessment

The topic of an essay can be a factual piece of information, a phenomenon or a concept. An essay can be either a brief essay requested in exams or a broader, assessment many pages in length. An essay text is presented in prose form and grammatically correct. The paragraphs are composed of structured sentences. Paragraphs and chapters logically distinguish the various aspects of the topic. Each paragraph or chapter has a purpose of its own.

The structure of an essay depends on the source materials. Its content provides the starting point for writing. Therefore, is the writer needs to have a good command of the source materials and understand them. Good information collecting skills include being able to identify and select crucial information from the source material.

An essay is clear, compact and illustrative. Remember, this is meant to be a personal assessment. Clear text means clear thinking. As a writer, you need to analyse and think what you want to state and then state it.

Pay attention to the style of your essay. An essay is not a piece of news and neither is it a report or an academic article; but it is your personal way of presenting information and your point of view. Old issues can be presented in new and interesting ways. The reader is usually interested in knowing what the writer thinks about the topic.

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