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Academic Writing

Always remember the aims and the purpose of your writing! 

Characters of effective writing

Good academic writing is effective, clear and simple. Main demands of documental writing are illustrative and intense. To write an accessible text, the writer has to keep the audience in mind and try to make the reader to think by himself. Illustration or examples are extremely important when trying to keep science easy-to-understand. Accessibility of a text depends both on comprehensive ideas and clear language.

A Hint: Read your text aloud and listen to it. Adapt your words careful to the rhythm of your speech. This helps you to optimize the length of the phrases. Phrases should not be too long or short but varying. Listening to your own text helps you to write fluently and to follow a correct word order.

Readability and Understandability

  • Write sequentially with the structure. Remember each paragraph is a part of the whole text.
  • Guide the reader with headings. A table of content creates the first impression and expectations for the text.
  • Pay attention to clear and understandable headings and clearly defined paragraphs. Paragraphs are not a pile of loose sentences but sentences are linked. Also, each paragraph has a place in the whole text.
  • Pay attention to grammar and spelling.
  • Try to write a text which is easy to read. This means a clear and interesting text.
  • Keep it simple and clear. Leave out redundant words and irrelevant details. Trying to make a text short does not necessarily make it clear.

Check your text with the following questions:

  • Is the aim and perspective clearly introduced in the abstract?
  • Is the text clear?
  • Is the text redundant?
  • Is the text in balance?
  • Is the structure optimal? Is each paragraph on the right place?
  • Is something missing?
  • Are all the arguments correct, relevant and punctual?
  • Are the conclusions correct and clearly introduced?
  • Are all the figures and graphics needed and are they in the right places?
  • Are the references to other studies correct?