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Right to Study

The right to study and enrolment at Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences are defined in the Polytechnics Act and Decree

Full-time studies mean accomplishing 60 credits per academic year (in degree of minimum of 210 credits). The right to study consists of the following

  • The normative study time: 3,5 years (degree 210 credits)
  • Extra time one year
  • Right to absence (maximum of 1 year)



In order to retain the right to study, those admitted to study at Kajaani UAS must register as present (attending) or absent (non-attending) yearly within set period of time.  

The registration takes place via the PAKKI student administration system (students continuing their studies) or with a separate form in studyinfo.fi when confirming the study place (new students).  


New students may register as non-attending for the first study year for the following reasons only:

  • completion of military service / civilian service,
  • your own illness or
  • maternity / paternity / parental leave.

A certificate must be submitted to prove the reason for absence. In addition, you may register as non-attending for another year (2 semesters) later during your studies without a specific reason.

If you started your studies before 1.8.2015, you may register as non-attending for a total of two years (4 semesters) during the entire study period. Absence arranged in the correct manner does not affect the total time allowed for completing the studies. Students may register either for one semester at a time or for the entire academic year (1.8. – 31.7.). This rule is also valid for those who accepted their study place in the previous joint application but have not started their studies before 1.8.2015.

Students registered as non-attending may not pursue their studies and are not entitled to student grants, student meal subsidies or other student allowances. At the same time the students must take into account the possible effects of absence on study plans as the degree programme syllabus is in force for one academic year at a time.


Amending Information Concerning Your Status as Present/Absent

Students are permitted, for a justified reason, to amend whether they are absent or present at any time during the academic year apart from the registration period. The justified reason is assessed on a case by case basis and could be among others, chronic illness, maternity/parenting leave or e.g. interrupting military service or maternity/parenting leave. There is a separate form for amending whether one is present/absent and it can be found from KAMK intra. Please note that if you are ill for more than two months, you are entitled to receive sickness allowance instead of student financial aid (those who are entitled to student financial aid by KELA).

Losing the Right to Study

As a student you may lose your right to study

  • if you have not confirmed the acceptance of your study place (new students)
  • if you do not register as present or absent every academic year or every semester by the deadline stated
  • if you have not completed your degree programme within the stipulated period of time and the President has not granted you an extension to your study period.


Restoring the Right to Study

If the student has lost the study right, the President of KAMK may restore a student's right to study on receipt of a written request. Please note that the restoration will take effect as of the beginning of the following semester. Studies may be resumed at the beginning of the following semester only after the right to study has been restored. When deciding whether to restore the right to study, consideration will be given to the question of whether the student has or does not have realistic chances of graduating in the allocated time.

A handling fee of 50 Euros, according to decree (1440/2014) will be charged for the decision to reinstate the right to study. Even if the decision is negative, the fee will be charged. You can pay online at https://shop.kamk.fi/en/administration-fees.

Extra Study Time

If you cannot finish you studies within the given timeframe 3,5 years + 1 extra year, you can apply for extension. Further details on how to apply for the extra year or discretionary extension can be found from KAMK intra.