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Howest / KAMK 2nd International Season School 2019 in Elderly Care

Creative solutions for aging populations and their informal caregivers

Course title
Season School Winter Edition: Creative solutions for aging populations and their informal caregivers
Course period
25.2 – 1.3.2019
Language of instruction
Course structure and teaching methods
Course tasks include pre-course tasks, lectures, group work and visits. 
Course assessment: pass – fail 
Course assessment is based on active participation and completed tasks. 
KAMK University of Applied Sciences, School of Health, Ketunpolku 4, 87100 Kajaani, Finland


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The deadline for registration is Friday 9.11.2018.

Online registration


Tuition fee

For international students and for teachers who contribute by giving a presentation or a workshop, there is no tuition fee.

For professionals who like to attend without contributing, the prices are: 
Whole week: 300€
Only one day (Tuesday 26.2.2019, Wednesday 27.2.2019 or Thursday 28.2.2019): 100€
Two days (Tuesday 26.2.2019, Wednesday 27.2.2019 or Thursday 28.2.2019): 200€ 

Accommodation and travel costs

All participants have to manage their own accommodation and travel costs. We will ask nursing students at KAMK – especially those who will be attending the Winter School – if they are willing to host the foreign students.

For more information 

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Teija Ravelin Wouter Decock
teija.ravelin@kamk.fi wouter.decock@howest.be


The course combines innovative education and playful learning with recreational activities in the best parts of Kajaani during wintertime. We hope to make any event an unforgettable experience!

Check the Season School webpage at https://www2.howest.be/seasonschool/.